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Words from a Second Century Christian

Justin Martyr shares what the early church believed about predestination. Even in those days there were those who misunderstood scripture. And in the early church, Satan desperately tried to pervert the word of God so that succeeding generations would not know the pure milk of the word.

The Five Points of Calvinism Considered

David goes point by point through the five points of the Calvinistic TULIP. He primarily refutes the publication, TULIP: What We Believe about the Five Points of Calvinism by John Piper. Good writing, good reading, and excellent accumulation of scriptures to prove the falsehood of Calvinism.

Born-Again, Ex-Islamic Terrorists Speak Out

This remarkable article tells what life was like as an Islamic Terrorist. It is unthinkable to the western mind how such men lived, that they had no conscience about killing, and the remarkable number of times they killed. This will help open your eyes to a different religious culture that is very hard for the western mind to fathom.

Symposium: Al Qaeda’s Nukes

This article astonished me. Most have heard the generalized claim before that various terrorist groups have nuclear weapons. That was the claimed reason we went into Iraq, that there was apprehension Iraq would develop such a weapon and put it into the hands of terrorists. The truth is far worse. From several experts speaking in a symposium, there is good evidence that the terrorists have weapons now and may be prepared to use them soon. The article begins by reciting warnings for Muslims to leave New York City and Washington, D.C. You will likely learn much. I did.

Dhimmitude for Dummies

This important article describes dhimmitude — the life non-Muslims will have if the Muslims win their war of conquest over non-Muslims. It is not a pretty description. IF you are not killed or enslaved because of who you are or your religious beliefs, then you will be subjected to dhimmitude — an institutionalized form of humiliation — which is much like the slave vs. the Muslim master.

Is God’s Love Unconditional?

The false doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security has spawned several other false doctrines that are necessary to support its thesis. If one is unconditionally saved, and cannot lose one’s salvation, then there must be an unconditional love of God toward such a person, no matter whether he lives wickedly or even whether he leaves the faith. More and more pulpits preach an unconditional love of God. We ask, “Is that true? What does the Bible say?” As you will see, this is another false doctrine that leads many astray, perhaps to condemnation by God.

Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing

In an explosive conclusion, intelligence services in the United States that investigated why people will kill themselves as the Muslim “suicide bombers” do. They concluded that it is because they are good Muslims who follow the teachings of the Koran. This should spark great Muslim outcrys if it ever becomes known. It shows that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.

What a Sovereign Lord Cannot Do

Dave Hunt shows that God’s sovereignty is not compromised by allowing man a free will. He confronts and disproves the Calvinist’s notion that if God is sovereign he must necessarily foreordain everything that will happen.