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Wolves in Sheep'’s Clothing

Jesse castigates the church for its false doctrines, false teachers, and false shepherds that are leading the sheep to eternal destruction for their own enrichment. The article is clear, self-explanatory, and should be convicting to all who are not true shepherds.

Contemplation Techniques for Youth

The author examines new practices spreading in the church youth organizations to teach youth how to have a close, intimate relationship with the Lord, but are using occult techniques which can lead to spiritual bondage. A well-stated warning to be taken seriously.

Earnestly Contend

Dave Hunt has done his usual stellar job of research putting together quotations from many “Christian” leaders who are acting as if they don’t have a clue about the faith. Many are endorsing Rome — the Roman Catholic Church and Pope John Paul — as if they have no knowledge or understanding of the heresy involved in that religious system. This is a sad but worthwhile read.

Healer? Heal Thyself!

The author reviews the facts of multiple Word of Faith healers who claim healing should be from God and/or that Christians should not be or get sick, but personally go to doctors, hospitals, get diseases, and die from them.

And We All Fall Down

Ted Brooks is known for his insight into Charismatic circles for he himself was formerly a Charismatic/Word of Faith pastor who openly approved of and promoted Toronto Blessing and Pensecola Revival type manifestations in his church and ministry.

The Harry Potter Vacation Bible School

August 19, 2005 Agape Press http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/8/192005mf.asp (AgapePress) – Mainline denominations have struggled for years in the area of church growth. Actually, most of them have been far better at shrinkage. Dave Shiflett’s book Exodus describes Americans racing from liberal churches for conservative Christianity found in a variety of places, not the least being Roman Catholicism,…

The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant

Once upon a time in the land called Feel Good there was a Church. This new Church was called “The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant”. Very recently this Church hired a new Pastor, Pastor Peace Keeper, who just graduated from the Seminary of Smooth Talking. The congregation “of the Comfortable and Tolerant” loved the…