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The Fad-Driven Church

Todd examines the current craze in many churches, the latest the Purpose Driven Life and Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. How true to Scripture are these fads? Do they detract from the Gospel or even substitute a false gospel? This is an insightful article well worth the read.

Modernity’s Assault on Truth

In this short article, Mr. Mohler gives valuable insights into the effects of modernity — now postmodernism — and its effect on the church as it seeks to deconstruct, to war on truth, and to cast down all religious, philosophical, political and cultural authorities. There are valuable insights and warnings to be gained.

Brownsville, Pensacola,” No. 2

Many readers will have seen the television pictures of the Brownsville, Pensacola meetings which were aired around the world in mid-June 1997. (Sourced from CNN). These pictures clearly showed the awful jerking, the bodily distortions and the bizarre behaviour that is regularly seen in these meetings. No one has disputed the fact which I raised…


THE TORONTO CONTROVERSY – DISTURBING NEW FACTS FROM HISTORY   by Andrew Strom http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~revival     Why does this movement seem literally identical to many counterfeit movements which have destroyed genuine Revivals down through church history? And why are the manifestations seemingly identical to the Chinese occultic ‘Qigong’ movement, as well as Franz Mesmer’s occultic…

Brownsville, Pensacola: “Toronto” or Not?

A Revival historian, closely aligned with the Charismatic and prophetic movements, examines the emerging movement known as the ‘Pensacola Outpouring’, based in Florida in the U.S.A. In America in recent months there has been a good deal of attention given to what is known as the “Pensacola Outpouring”, which is associated with an Assembly of…

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

In a very short article, C. H. Spurgeon asks questions pertinent to our present worship styles. Why do we have the present kind of worship and praise times in our church that most (at least among those I talk with) Christians dislike? Where did it come from? Is that part of our great commission? These questions are explored and answered.