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“The Toronto Deception”

I’ve watched with great interest the phenomenon started at the Toronto Vineyard Church notable for the laughing, roaring like lions, barking like dogs, etc. Many wondered, could this be of the Lord? It didn’t appear to be by any known biblical standard. Finally, years after the fact, Paul Gowdy, former Toronto Vineyard pastor, confesses that it was not of God and caused great harm. This will be a fascinating read, particularly for those who were acquainted in some way with the “Toronto Blessing.”

Egypt, Babylon, or the Palm of God?

In a wide-ranging article, Jacob gives his views (and examples) of the deception facing the Christian church and within the Christian church today. He shows particular discernment as he shows the types from the Old Testament that bring home the message of deception today. It is a worthwhile read.

The Old Cross and the New

The great teacher, Dr. Tozer, once again shows in simple language the falsity of the presentation of the Gospel of the cross of Jesus Christ by the modern church. The cross is something representing death — the death of the Christian to self and to sin. A quick and worthwhile read.

The Radical Pilgrim

For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. 2nd Corinthians 13:8 The Radical Pilgrim The Attack Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.Titus 1:14. An expos’e on the Hebrew Roots / Sacred Name Movement Introduction: His Name is Wonderful!! … Or is it??:…

Three Doctrines from Hell

Andrew decries three major false doctrines — be saved by inviting Jesus into your heart, the doctrine of unconditional eternal security, and the pretribulation rapture. He shows that each false doctrine is far from what Scripture says and describes, that it seems to be a product of the Western desire for ease and comfort. The modern gospel preaches no persecution and no deep repentance from sin. Yet Scripture DOES! A worthwhile read.

David Wilkerson Blasts Faith Preachers

World-renowned for his faithful adherence to biblical principles, David Wilkerson looks tearfully at the state of the church. He highlights the latest fads in Christianity which lead millions astray, perverting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. David Wilkerson’s sermon was circulated widely by audio tape.

The “Toronto” Controversy – Disturbing New Facts from History

In this article, a Revival historian, closely aligned with the Charismatic and prophetic movements, raises the following questions: Why do the Toronto manifestations seem literally identical to many counterfeit movements which have destroyed genuine Revivals down through history? And why are they seemingly identical to the Chinese occultic ‘Qigong’ movement, as well as Franz Mesmer’s…