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The Truth About Islam — Is It Really Peaceful?

In Dave’s usual factual manner, based on exceptional research, he reveals the history of Islam from its beginning, showing it to be a bloodthirsty religion capable and willing to slay hundreds of thousands of innocents. It is an important read to fully understand the adversary.

Radical Islam in America

This short article tells of trouble within America resulting from Muslim schools that are teaching and breeding hatred for America and hero worship of those who commit suicide bombings.

U.S. Showing Lack of Understanding or Honesty

Over the last several decades, nearly every Muslim country and essentially the entire Muslim world has experienced a religious resurgence or the unmistakable revival of Islamic fundamentalism. Anti-Americanism has a vice-like hold on the entire population of the Islamic world, including those from countries considered to be moderate and our allies in our war on…

Modern Persecution

What dangers do Christians face around the world? From whom? The author shows that both Muslims and Catholics are persecuting — yes, even killing — Christians, as well as maiming them, and burning their homes and churches.

A Time for Truth

Bernie speaks to the same subject as Dave Hunt, but in a different way. He relates why the Muslim acts as he does, how he can commit atrocities in which he is killed, which explains why Muslims are primarily the ones committing such terrorist acts throughout the world.

Allah, the Moon God

I admit I was surprised at this article. I believed the hype we’ve all heard that the Islam religion is built on the Old Testament prophets just as is Judaism and Christianity. The archeological evidence about what Islam really came from is convincing, particularly considering their ceremonies are almost identical to those observed by the pagan Arabs worshipping the Moon-god.

A Letter to the U.S. Ambassador

This letter may surprise you. It is a mixture of anger and recitation of wrong facts. We should be reminded, however, that action is not based on objective truth but on perception and beliefs. This Arab woman is saying something echoed within the hearts and minds of most Arabs in Saudi Arabia — a purported ally of the U.S. It should be cause for great concern.

Defying the God of Israel!

Dave chronicles Israel’s right to its land, that the prophecies of the Messiah are through Abraham’s son, Isaac, NOT Ishmael as claimed by the Muslims. It is another of Dave Hunt’s well-researched articles that is well worth reading.

Islamic Fundamentalism? It Just Snuck Up

In no nonsense language, Arlene Peck reviews what the world (and the U.S. in particular) is facing from the Islamic fundamentalists — subjugation or death. She advocates taking much stronger measures against the mid-eastern Islamists, scrapping our nonsensical politically correct policies and getting on with winning this battle and surviving as a nation.