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 Published in Jesus People Newsletter, Editor Thomas Adcock, 4338 Third Avenue, Sacramento,  CA 95817, Phone:  (916) 456-9085, Email:  JesusPeople@juno.com  Website:  http://www.mission.org/jesuspeople  The Koran – The sacred text of Islam, divided into 114 chapters or Suras: revered as the literal word of God, dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel, and accepted as the foundation of…

The Life, History, and Morals of Mohammed

That which is known about Mohammed is found in collections of the so-called Hadiths, or “traditions.” Since most Muslims have not read the Quran, and fewer still the Hadiths, most Muslims really are totally blind regarding the historic reality of Mohammed. They are taught religious chants as early as they may be able to talk,…

Calvin and Hobbes — and Muhammad

A wonderful satire written in Ann’s inimicable style, whose theme is the Muslim violent response to the Danish cartoons of Muhammed. You’ll enjoy it not only for its readability, but also the biting truths it exposes.

Depressed Suicide Bombers

This short article reinforces the fact that it is not poverty or depression that causes young men (and sometimes women) to blow themselves up as they act as assassins against innocent civilians in Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”

Imagine finding a twenty-year-old document that outlines the plans of the leadership of Islam for the takeover of the world. That would be surprising! But then suppose that the activity of Muslims in the last twenty years followed those plans. This article tells just that scenario. It’s an important read.

Islam – A Creation of Roman Catholicism

The information presented here is believed to be accurate, but the editors have not had the opportunity to independently verify the contents.   Here are the 4 Purposes for which the the Roman Vatican Pope trained and financed Mohammed to set up the religion of Islam:   1) Eliminate the Jews and Christians (which they…

Does God Care?

Founder and Chairman Campus Crusade for Christ International Dear friends: Does God really care whether or not we call Him Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, or by many other names? If you know the Bible, you know the answer. He does care — very much. In these trying times, we are seeing more and more interfaith efforts…

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Born and raised in Lebanon in a Christian family, Brigitte watched her family and friends die at the hands of the Muslims because, and only because, the Muslims hated infidels. Brigitte has a clear understanding of how the Muslim mind works, the objective of Muslims worldwide, and the clear and present danger to the western world. This is a must read for those who would understand the dangers facing civilization as we know it in the west.

The Muslim World’s New Martyrs

We hear the occasional high profile case — the death sentence for the man who converted to Christianity, but hear little of the many other regular cases of attacks on Christians by Muslims throughout the world. A very short, pointed article worth your time.

America Wake Up!

Captain Ouimette has done us all a service as he recites the factual nature of the war by terrorists against the U.S. since 1979. Most of us think this war started 9/11/01. Not so! And it is high time America realizes what we are facing and that we must take steps now against this continuing threat.