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Jihad At DePaul University in Chicago

If you don’t think there are great inroads made in America by Muslims, you are unaware of what is happening on some of America’s campuses. This story reveals shocking information that should frighten those who believe America is exempt from the effects of Islam.

The Beleaguered Christians of the Palestinian-Controlled Areas

This article documents numerous incidents in which the Muslim majority impose their will and humiliation on the Christian minority in Palestinian controlled areas. Lest anyone think Islam is a religion that permits other religions equal access, this article dispels that quickly. An extremely well documented article, accompanied by footnotes.

An Islamist Threat like the Nazis

How many realize the threat facing western culture from aggressive, radical Islam? Will Western Europe be taken over by the Muslims and be a safe haven for terrorism against the West elsewhere? Read this provocative, thoughtful, analysis of what is happening and what may well happen in the next few years, as well as the massive steps that were taken in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

Twenty-Year Plan for USA: Islam Targets America

Is America in the sights of militant Islam? This article says yes, in a big way. According to the author, there is a schedule for Islam to take over the world and the plan details how they will take over America. It is easy to see how many of their items are already being implemented by a society that has no idea of the danger facing it.

The Project

[NOTE: The following English translation of The Project has been prepared by Scott Burgess and was first published in serial form by The Daily Ablution in December 2005 (Parts I, II, III, IV, V, Conclusion). It is copyrighted and reprinted here with his permission. It is based on the French text of The Project published…

Death to America: The Mindset of a Muslim Terrorist

Marilyn states clearly, without ambiguity the real reasons for the terror attacks and the mindset of the Muslim extremists. She shows that the usual liberal excuses for their behavior — poverty, oppression, etc., — have nothing to do with their terrorist behavior. For them it is a religious obligation — from Islam.

Investigating Terror at UC-Irvine

Would you believe America’s campuses are infiltrated with radical Islamists? Yes, they’re the same ages as the ones who have carried out most terrorist attacks in America and throughout the world. Read this frightening article and you’ll begin to see how many of the enemy we may already have living among us. They are now so sure of themselves they are openly advocating actions against our government and military.

Catholicism & Islam: Ties that Bind

Another expert analysis of commonality between Catholicism and Islam, the apparent, but wrong, ecumenical efforts by the Pope and the Catholic Church to create common ground and recognize Muslims as worshipping the same God as Christians.

Muslim Slavers Kidnap Christian Children in Pakistan

This amazing story is about the redemption of twenty young boys kidnapped from their Christian homes and held to be sold into slavery. Brother David’s Christian ministry learned of this and raised the money to purchase them. The event was chronicled by Marie Coldin of the London Times. Fifteen girls were redeemed just one day before the story broke in the Times.