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Rent-a-Riot ABC’s

It will be a surprise to much of the world to learn that the world-wide riots throughout the world are not due to Muslims enraged about cartoons that insult Mohammed. Rather, the riots are well-calculated political acts by Muslim leaders to gain advantage. You may learn a lot from this article.

Father’s Letter to His Sons

This substantial article details in a thoughtful manner the danger to the United States of America AND the whole world of the present threat from Muslim terrorists. This is an important read. It will teach much and will be an article you will want to refer to others.

Inside The Mind Of A Suicide Bomber

The bulk of this article is an interview with extensive quotes from a man eagerly looking forward to his opportunity to become a suicide bomber. His number one goal is to kill as many Americans as possible. The frightening aspect of the interview is how his motivation is all from his Islam studies and training. He believes being a terrorist makes him a good muslim. The last portion of the article has many quotations from Islam religious books that show that violence is encouraged by Islam.

Onward Christian Missionaries

In a surprising piece, William Buckley makes the case for confronting Islam (and Muslims) with the Christian religion and what it stands for, as well as exposing Islam for what it really is.

Radical Indoctrination in the U.S. Prisons

While this article describes the indoctrination of converts to Islam in U.S. prisons, it does more. It reveals without doubt the militant intent of the Koran and Islam. It is against all who are not Muslims and insists there must be Jihad against all who are not Muslims, with force and weaponry. An important read.

Truth on Trial

This article takes us step by step through the gross misrepresentations (lies), abused political correctness, and evil forces arrayed against Western Civilization. Phyllis makes sure we understand that the issue is the very survival of us and our way of life. This is an important read by a passionate writer.

Presenting the Gospel to a Muslim

Presenting the Gospel to a Muslim The following answer is from a veteran missionary to Muslims: Q:   How do I explain to a Muslim how to be saved? A:   I try to avoid debate and argument.  Prayer is the only thing that will open his heart.  I first make friends with him.  I ask him…

April 14 – Islam’s Heart of Stone

As the world watched an unrepentant Zacarias Moussaoui wish he had helped kill more Americans, the world got to see Islam’s heart of stone. Jan contrasts the Muslim hatred and killing with the Christian concept of love. This very short article is worth reading.

Radical Islam in The Netherlands

Manfred tells of a government report that, surprisingly, tells the truth of the threat of Islamic radicals in the Netherlands. He also tells of a culture that likely will not be able to cope with this threat unless there is a great difference in the Netherland people. Manfred also makes clear the sponsorship for the radical Islamic agenda is financed by Saudi Arabia.