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The Islamization of Europe

Americans seem to know little of what is happening in Europe. Perhaps partially because of proximity, Muslims have been pouring into the countries of western Europe. What is happening in those countries with larger and larger Muslim populations? The answer isn’t good, but gives insight into what can happen in America if our politically correct doctrines are not abandoned.

War Against Israel

War against Israel seems irreversible unless strong action is taken to reverse it. According to Jim, the destruction of Israel is a holy obsession with the Muslim leadership of Iran, something that must precede the coming of the final Iman. This article is written from a Christian perspective with Jim’s prophetic understanding of Scripture included.

religion of the sword  Guy Adams

religion of the sword Guy Adams RenewAmerica Deputy Grassroots Director   July 23, 2006 Qur’an 9:73: “…make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate.” Recently, I saw the movie United 93, and I will never view Islam the same. I also will…

Serving Two Masters

In her usual insightful way, Mary Ann looked at the history of the Roman Catholic Church to show that the church considers itself above the laws of the land (any country). The scandal of sexual abuse by priests and the failure to report the crimes to secular authority is an example of that mentality.

Speech by Hamas Leader on World Domination

This speech should go a long way toward acquainting those who read it to know the true intentions of the leaders of Islam, of Hamas, and of other Muslim groups. Without apology, he declares victory for the followers of Islam against the west, against Israel, and America. A careful reading will show that he seems to make this a religious war — Islam against the rest of the world.

Is Allah The Same As YHWH?

Sandy has done a beautiful job of comparing Islam with Christianity based on the doctrines of each religion as found in the Koran and the Bible. Basic subjects of the faiths are examined to determine just how different they are from each other.

The Islamic Mind

You won’t like this because it shows cruelty and single-mindedness such as is hard to grasp in the western culture. It likely does reveal the mind of the Muslim, however. According to Tim, that includes almost all Muslims, including those who claim to be moderates. You read it and see what you think. Prepare to be shocked.

Islam and Christianity

A long article by someone who has does much research. It is a worthwhile read with much to be learned from the extensive research done by Michael.

Terrorism’s Root Causes

Throwing political correctness to the winds, Cal Thomas tells it like it is. The Muslim terrorism actions are part of a religious war that is intended to be fought until the entire world is under the control of Islam.