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Transubstantiation (The Eucharist)

Once again, Mary Ann discloses information little known to outsiders, and perhaps even to many Roman Catholics. You will see why the Eucharist, as practiced by the Roman Catholic Church is idolatry. Mary Ann goes on to speak of Satanists becoming priests and bishops within the Roman Catholic Church. Not nice information, but important knowledge for all to have.

Islam – A Creation of Roman Catholicism

The information presented here is believed to be accurate, but the editors have not had the opportunity to independently verify the contents.   Here are the 4 Purposes for which the the Roman Vatican Pope trained and financed Mohammed to set up the religion of Islam:   1) Eliminate the Jews and Christians (which they…

The Mystic Plague

Catholicism sets a Spiritualist Agenda   Introduction   The Roman Catholic Church is persistent in her quest to draw all to herself.  One of her major venues is the marketing of mysticism under various guises.  This is because, as different world religions begin to adopt the idea that they must work together for the well-being…

The Vatican's Meddling in Marriages

Once again ex-priest Richard Bennett explains to us the soft underbelly of the Roman Catholic Church. Once again the Roman Catholic church is acting without authority but claiming authority nevertheless. If you are, or have been, a Roman Catholic and have had any concern whatsoever about your marriage relationship because of church policy, please read this article. It may prove very helpful.

Debating the Messiah

In an astonishing document recently published by the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church is now acknowledging that the Jews are correct in waiting for their Messiah and that the Roman Catholic Church will no longer seek to evangelize among the Jews.

The Perilous Fondness for the Papacy

There is a perilous fondness for the Papacy and a disproportionate interest in all things Papal. Biblical assessment of the Papacy is missing from contemporary Christian thinking. Today, it is religiously correct to show interest in the Papacy. For the most part, any criticism of it is seen as politically incorrect. Religious tolerance has erected prejudicial barriers to interpreting prophetic issues directly related to the Papacy, such as in Revelation Chapter Seventeen, which this document addresses. It is extremely important to analyze the present situation with the Papacy because Rome is not neutral and is quite intent to draw all to herself in a false ecumenism.

Curses and Anathemas by the Roman Catholic Church

Mary Ann points out that only the Roman Catholic Church seeks to damn people to hell through curses and anathemas. Even Satanists don’t do that. She recites several documented instances in history when exactly that has happened, but brings it up to date when such anathemas were reaffirmed in 1962.

Modern Persecution

What dangers do Christians face around the world? From whom? The author shows that both Muslims and Catholics are persecuting — yes, even killing — Christians, as well as maiming them, and burning their homes and churches.

The Spirit of Roman Catholicism

This comprehensive article reveals much about the past, present, and future intentions of the Roman Catholic Church. Neither its historic past, its present or its intended future are good. Indeed, should their future plans come to pass, we could expect extreme persecution of true Christians.