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Book: The Spirit of Roman Catholicism

Mary Ann has turned her article into a full-scale book. Mary Ann has first-hand knowledge of what she reveals and great insight from her personal experience as an ex-nun into the real Roman Catholic Church. Please see the outline of the book by clicking on the title and access to the full book in Word format.

The Papacy and Islam

 Table of Contents Table of Contents New Partnership with Muslims Islam rejects Trinity, Christ's divinity, His sacrifice The Gospel and the Qur'an's religious philosophy RCC dogma on Islam changed Emotional unity and its consequences Pope's message echoed by Bush and Muslim Leaders A Trumpet Call to the True Church New Partnership with Muslims           In…

Who Is the Woman?

A former nun, MaryAnn Collins is in an excellent position to give an authoritative view of the Roman Catholic Church. In this article, she gives much information that I’ve never heard before. This is an excellent and important read.

Goodbye, Good Men

Is the rise of homosexuality among the Roman Catholic priests simply a result of their cloistered monogamous existence? Or is there something far more active and sinister. Michael Rose says there is.

Indiscretions of Pope John Paul II

In this article, Jim sets forth one by one heretical actions done by Pope John Paul II, together with the dates on which they were done. If one is looking for pure or acceptable doctrine from the Roman Catholic Church, it would be hard to expect it from the Pope.

Forgeries and the Papacy

The Historical Influence and Use of Forgeries in Promotion of the Doctrine of the Papacy By William Webster In the middle of the ninth century, a radical change began in the Western Church, which dramatically altered the Constitution of the Church, and laid the ground work for the full development of the papacy. The papacy…