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Forged Documents and Papal Power

How did the Roman Catholic Church gain the power it has today? This article shows that the power was gained through fraud — forged documents. In order to fully appreciate the fraud perpetuated by the RCC, one would have to analyze hundreds of documents. Mary Ann has condensed this for us.

Shameful Ironies

Dave first reviews the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church that stand opposed to Protestant theology. The tenets of the Council of Trent remain in full force, even today, endorsed by the Catechism and Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, inexplicably, Protestants are joining themselves to the RCC, claiming they are now brothers in Christ, ignoring the fact that there have been no doctrinal changes in the RCC, and that it has declared that the beliefs of Protestants are anathema — condemned. As Dave said, “A growing delusion has deceived multitudes into embracing ecumenical compromise while imagining that they are still on the Lord’s side.”

The Woman Who Rides the Beast

The following defense of The Woman Who Rides the Beast by author Dave Hunt will tell you a great deal about the book, its background, and its scholarly compilation.  It is certainly the finest book of its kind on this subject I have seen.  Its conclusions seem virtually unassailable.  CRI, a Christian organization, criticized the…

Ecumenism and the Council of Trent

Is the ecumenism espoused by the Roman Catholic Church honest? Do they believe there is something in common between themselves and the Protestant denominations? Or is there something very sinister, quite different than what is represented?

Fatima To Become Interfaith Shrine

Most of us are unaware of the activities of Roman Catholic Church in actively seeking to united the religions of the world. This article exposes how they are attempting to do that by promoting the use of the Fatima shrine by all religions.

Catholicism & Islam: Ties that Bind

Another expert analysis of commonality between Catholicism and Islam, the apparent, but wrong, ecumenical efforts by the Pope and the Catholic Church to create common ground and recognize Muslims as worshipping the same God as Christians.

Death of a Pope

This article chronicles the almost universal praise of Pope John Paul II after his death. World leaders and evangelicals alike had only good things to say in praise of the pope. Dave courageously goes against the flow and points out the flagrant theological heresies promoted by the pope, including the mass, the worship of Mary, and the promises associated with the rosary and the scapular. The article is wonderfully researched as is usual for Dave’s writings.