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Books by Mary Ann Collins

Mary Ann has written four books for separate purposes for separate audiences. As a former nun, she has an exceptional understanding of the issues in Catholicism that make that religious system a cult, NOT another Christian denomination. We highly recommend her writings. Click on the above title for information on how to read the books online or to obtain them.

Ecumenical Confusion

Bill’s article covers many areas of ecumenical deception. He exposes once again the designs of the Roman Catholic Church to draw all other Christian denominations into its net, to become the one true church.

The Accomplishments of John Paul II

There is a great deal of factual material presented here that students of the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy should know. Richard Bennett again displays his zeal for research in providing valuable knowledge and insights.


The outpouring of acclaim for the Pope has been amazing. It has come from every quarter, including the Protestant Evangelical communities. Is this appropriate? Yes, the Pope did much to advance Catholicism, but what about his Gospel? Andrew reviews that for us in a though-provoking piece well worth the read.

Better To Marry Than Burn

As a result of the many exposes’ of Catholic priests having sexual relationships with women and men, this article seeks to show the Catholic position, response, and the true scriptural response to the problem.

Letter to Promise Keepers’ Board of Directors

The letter discusses the present efforts of Promise Keepers leaders to develop unity with Mormons and Roman Catholics. The letter presents substantial evidence that these religions worship a “different Jesus.” To join with them in unity would be to violate God’s command to not be unequally yoked. There is substantial discussion of the idolatrous practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

An Account of the Inquisition

Reading this chapter is not for the faint of heart. It has gruesome descriptions that show the ultimate cruelty of man toward man. It is included because this was an official policy of the Roman Catholic Church for a long period of time. Countless people were killed and tortured under the cruelest circumstances under the inquisitions.

The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick

Richard attempts to set the record straight about the man called St. Patrick. He shows that his Christianity was pure and biblical, not at all like that of the Roman Catholic Church. When Rome sought to exercise its influence over the churches started by Patrick it failed.

Who is the Vicar of Christ?

As an ex-priest, Richard Bennett knows the ins and outs of the Roman Catholic Church. He also knows its false claims, its evolution throughout its history, and the serious deception posed to those who believe its claims. Here Richard deals with the current issue of the selection of the new pope. There is much to be learned, including the complex hierarchy not commonly known except to the insiders of the church.