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This article is taken from several documents from different sources on the life and teachings of William Branham. This article describes Mr. Branham’s beginnings, his ministry, and recounts his unscriptural views. He is known for a picture which shows a halo around his head during a preaching tour in Houston, Texas in 1950. His followers consider him to be the prophet for the Laodicean Age, the voice of Revelation’s seventh messenger, which Branham claimed to be. Some of his followers have extreme views, some believing he had a virgin birth, others that he will come back raised from the dead. William Branham believed the doctrine of the Trinity was of the devil, he preached a baptism only in the name of Jesus Christ, said that part of humanity came from a physical union of Satan with Eve (the portion he said was predestined to go to hell). According to Branham, all denominations within Christendom are apostate and of the Devil.