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Rebellion in the Church

False doctrines have become mainstream. This book exposes the rebellion that has caused and will continue to cause untold millions to be condemned by God. From Apostolic times, Satan has succeeded in introducing false doctrines that have weakened the church and denied salvation to many. As we begin the 21st century we see that much…

Assurance of Salvation

Did Jesus teach there are requirements for salvation? If so, what are they? Where do we find them? What is the gospel of our Lord Jesus? Paul warned that God will punish those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus with everlasting destruction. What about the millions of professing Christians who don’t…

Who Will Be Saved?

Though that scripture is clear and unambiguous it has been ignored and misinterpreted. That scripture raises important questions answered in this book, such as: “What is the will of God?”, “How can we find and learn the will of God?”

A Biblical Saving Faith

What does it mean to believe? In whom are we to believe? If your answer to either question is wrong, you can miss your salvation! I think it is no exaggeration to say that most of the sermons today describing coming to a saving faith are in error – they do not present a saving…

The Teachings and Commands of Jesus

This Bible study is the only one actually commanded in Scripture. Naturally I’m not speaking of this specific study, but of the subject matter of the Bible study. Jesus commanded us to teach his disciples to obey all that he commanded them. (Matthew 28:20)