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APOLOGETICS Bible Numerics — The Works of Dr. Ivan Panin I have searched for several years to find the writings of Dr. Ivan Panin who devoted his life to finding and writing on the supernatural construction of Scripture.  I am happy to report that the source of those books and articles can be found by…

Did Life Evolve? Defining Evolution

(Print)   In recent weeks the debate over intelligent design has intensified. School districts all across the country are debating the question: should evolution be taught as a scientific fact? Some scientists and educators and parents say that the study of evolution is necessary for understanding many biological processes. Others argue that evolution is a…

Now the Stones Will Speak [Excerpts]

For those who hate Israel, one of the most dangerous things a Jew can do in Jerusalem is to start digging. Because the more you dig there, the worse it gets for those who would like to pretend that Israelis are alien colonists imposing their rule on the so-called indigenous people of the region. You…

Impossibility Of Evolution

In his brilliant manner, Dave Hunt makes a case for the impossibility of evolution that should be impossible for any thinking person to deny. Use this with those who still cling to the notion/theory of evolution.