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Early critics in the 1800s denie

Early critics in the 1800s denied the existence of Abraham¹s hometown, Ur of the Chaldees (Gn 11:31). This continued until Sir Leonard Wooley¹s systematic excavations from 1922-34 uncovered the immense ziggurat or temple tower at Ur near the nouth of the Euphrates in Mesopotamia. The name “Abraham” appears in Mesopotamian records, and the various nationalities…

The Supernatural Origin of Biblical Texts

Why do we believe the Bible is accurate? Is it more than just a history book? What makes it different from all other religious books? Over the years we have been asked many questions concerning the accuracy of the Bible. Unfortunately many Christians do not know how to answer these commonly asked questions. So today we are…

Science Confirms the Bible

Is the Bible unscientific? Is it just a collection of fables as some contend? Not at all. The Bible told the truth centuries before science caught up. See commonly known facts (today), that were first stated in the Scriptures.

Lamb of God

The Bible claims to be the Word of the only true God. In addition to historical, archaeological, and scientific proofs, there are numerous internal proofs. No such evidences exist for other “sacred writings.” The Bible was written during 1,600 years by 40 prophets, most of whom lived in diverse cultures, at different times in history,…