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The Fingerprint of God

Every artist and creative person seeks to have his own identity – a way that his work can be recognized as uniquely his. It appears this is also true with God’s creation, as there is a “fingerprint of God” in nature. This fingerprint appears all throughout nature thus negating any claim that it could have appeared by accident.

The Mathematics of Beauty

In another display of his brilliance, Chuck Missler shows how the Fibinacci numbers are found throughout nature, in paintings, in flowers, and literally everywhere in creation, once again demonstrating that there was a master designer for it all. A great read!

Is the Biblical Creation Story True?

Creation vs. Evolution   DISCREDITED INFORMATION From The Berean Call The purported fossil record of the horse has been used to show progressive evolution.  But it is a hoax and a fraud as eminent scientists now admit.   Impossibility of Evolution by Dave Hunt In his brilliant manner, Dave Hunt makes a case for the…

Creation Proves The Bible Is The Living Word of God

Recent advances in science are providing many additional proofs that the Bible is the true and living word of God. Dave Hunt reviews many proofs from science to make his point. The molecular level of life is so complex it proves it could only have been created by design and not by accident through “evolution.” An interesting and helpful read.

Is Bill Maher a Chicken?

Ray tells this story in his usual serious/comical way. You simply enjoy hearing the facts of a matter from him. In this article he points out the vast number of scientists who subscribe to the view of Intelligent Design even though many people are still stuck in the taught-view that evolution is the scientific view. Ray points out there is no scientific evidence to support evolution. You’ll enjoy even as you learn.

Science Confirms the Bible

Is the Bible unscientific? Is it just a collection of fables as some contend? Not at all. The Bible told the truth centuries before science caught up. See commonly known facts (today), that were first stated in the Scriptures.