Books by Mary Ann Collins

I’ve published a cluster of four books relating to Catholicism. They share much of the same information, but each book is custom-tailored for a specific audience. They are thoroughly documented. The books are based on extensive research, on my past training and experience as a Catholic nun, and on things I learned during my personal struggles as I left Catholicism and became a Protestant Christian. One reviewer (a former nun) said, “Difficult information, that needs to be known, is offered in a gracious manner.”

Christians need to know about the information in these books. Hundreds of Protestant pastors are converting to Catholicism. Many former Catholics are leaving good Protestant churches and returning to Catholicism.

You can read all four books online. (Website addresses are given below.) You can buy the books at You can also get them as eBooks — you download the books, and you can get a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader (the program for reading eBooks).

Following are website addresses for all four books, and for my online bookstore. (The bookstore describes the books and it gives links for getting the books and eBooks.) Please feel free to link to the websites.

Catholicism Unveiled (for Protestants)

Another Side of Catholicism (for Catholics)

The Catholic Undertow (a manual for former Catholics)

Unmasking Catholicism (a longer book for serious readers)

Bookstore (with book descriptions and links for getting books and eBooks)

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