Book: The Spirit of Roman Catholicism

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Front Matter
Preface Preface
Biography Biography of Mary Ann Collins
Popes and Power
Chapter 1 Chapter 1. A Surprising Discovery
Chapter 2 Chapter 2. Anathemas
Chapter 3 Chapter 3. The Council of Trent
Chapter 4 Chapter 4. Ecumenism
Chapter 5 Chapter 5. The Power of Words
Chapter 6 Chapter 6. Spiritual Coercion
Chapter 7 Chapter 7. Hunting “Heretics
Chapter 8 Chapter 8. Were the Early Christians Roman Catholics?
Chapter 9 Chapter 9. Forged Documents and Papal Power
Chapter 10 Chapter 10. The Papacy
Chapter 11 Chapter 11. Imperial Popes
Chapter 12. The Catholic Church and the Bible
Doctrine and Credentials
Chapter 13 Chapter 13. New Age Catholicism
Chapter 14 Chapter 14. A False Comparison
Chapter 15 Chapter 15. According to Tradition
Chapter 16 Chapter 16. What Is Our Source of Authority?
Chapter 17 Chapter 17. The Good Thief
Chapter 18 Chapter 18. The Numbers Game
Chapter 19 Chapter 19. Devotion to Mary
Chapter 20 Chapter 20. Idolaters and Judaizers
Practical Problems
Chapter 21 Chapter 21. Mandatory Celibacy
Chapter 22 Chapter 22. Mind Control
Chater 23 Chapter 23. Serving Two Masters
Chapter 24 Chapter 24. Modern Persecution
Chapter 25 Chapter 25. Who Are “The Christian Faithful”?
Chapter 26 Chapter 26. Faith Under Fire
Chapter 27 Chapter 27. The Presence of God
Chapter 28 Chapter 28. Catholic Mysticism
Spirit of Catholicism
Chapter 29 Chapter 29. Mixing Paganism with Christianity
Chapter 30 Chapter 30. The Spirit of Catholicism
Chapter 31 Chapter 31. Scriptural Strength to Confront Catholicism
Appendix A Appendix A. For Former Catholics
Appendix B Appendix B. Glossary of Some Catholic Terms
Appendix C Appendix C. Pictures
Appendix D Appendix D. History and the Catholic Church
Appendix E Appendix E. Doctrinal Issues
Appendix F Appendix F. Recommended Websites
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