Barbara William’s Healing

Peter and Barbara Williams are Canadians serving the Lord in Peru, South America. They have become friends through the E mail ministry that the Lord has called us to. They have encouraged us in a number of ways and we have found them to be a couple after the Lord’s heart. 

We recently received the following letter from Barbara:

“Hi all, This happened a some time ago but I am just sharing it now. I guess I didn’t really believe it at first and then I wondered if it would last!! It has. I’m praising God for this great healing. I would never be able to travel around Peru on bad busses over these terrible roads if He hadn’t healed me.”

Barbara’s testimony follows:

A Healing Miracle In Lima, Peru

A Testimony of God’s Love

By Barbara Williams

I had suffered from a bad back, neck, and knees for many years and had been seeing a chiropractor in Canada and here in Peru once a month for 18 years. In February 1999 at 11:00 PM, I was walking Bill and Judith’s dog Timmy when I tripped over a badly broken sidewalk. I went down hard, body and knees hitting first and then my face smashed against the sidewalk.

Many dear Peruvians came running to my aid asking if I was OK. I managed an “Estoy bien” and smiled.

I kept walking to Olivar Park. I was afraid to stop and sit down for fear that I wouldn’t be able to move again, but I literally howled all the way through the park and back home again. No one would have robbed me that night as I came across as mentally ill. Once home I went upstairs, took a couple of aspirin, lay down, and fell asleep. In the morning I could hardly get out of bed.

Here in Lima, with the humidity so high, I always had to do neck exercises before being able to move because of my arthritis. At forty the doctors told me that I had the neck of a seventy-five year old, but on this morning, exercise would not have helped. As I hobbled down our long flight of stairs, hardly able to bend my knees, I knew I was in big trouble and was looking at a long hospital stay. I had blurred vision, ringing in my ears and was terribly dizzy. My lower back with it’s degenerating thin discs was unbelievably painful and stiff. I was sick to my stomach.

I turned on the computer and wrote a simple note to seventy-five people who I knew would pray for me.

“Help!” I wrote, ” I have had a bad fall and I need prayer immediately!” That’s all I could manage. As I pressed “send” it felt as if hot oil was being poured over my head and down my

neck, down my back, over my knees and all the way down to my toes.

At that moment, I was completely healed and haven’t been back to a chiropractor since. My neck, back and knees have been loose and pain-free. Even before our friends in Canada,

England, and the USA received my plea for prayer, I was miraculously healed. There is a verse in the Bible that

says……”Before you ask, I will answer!”

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