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Islam’s 12th Iman

Once again Jim shows his remarkable understanding both of Scripture, Muslim prophecy, and world events. This is an important piece to understand what is happening with Iran and the Middle East and with Muslim intentions throughout the world.

Torture in China — Letters from Prisoners

The Chinese authorities arrested hundreds from the South China church. Many leaders were sentenced to imprisonment, others to death. This deals with young women who were arrested and their letters describing the tortures they endured.

Reasoning from the Scriptures Newsletter

Date sent: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:12:18 -0800 From: Ron Rhodes <rhodes2@pacbell.net> Subject: REASONING FROM THE SCRIPTURES NEWSLETTER To: B.Koerselman@netaccess.co.nz REASONING FROM THE SCRIPTURES NEWSLETTER *************************************************************** A free newsletter featuring “Answers to Common Questions” *************************************************************** January-February 2001 Edition Dr. Ron Rhodes, Editor Web Address: www.ronrhodes.org *************************************************************** I don’t think a week passes without me coming…

My View of Islam

When Franklin Graham spoke out on his view of Islam he was widely criticized as not being tolerant of other religions. However, he was exactly right and spoke as a Christian should who correctly understands the issues.

Should Christians FEAR God?

Is God just an all-loving God who should simply be loved? Scripture says we are to fear him. What does that mean? And what is the purpose of fearing God? Is it important? These questions and more are answered from Scripture. The answers may surprise you.

Around the World

PORTLAND, Oregon (November 1, 1998 ) — Christian minorities around the world are being harassed and killed for their beliefs despite international laws protecting religious freedom and American efforts to punish persecutors, THE OREGONIAN reported in a series of stories. In Pakistan, Noor Alam, a Presbyterian pastor who built the first Christian church in his…