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Comparison grid between Christianity and Islamic doctrine

Comparison between  Christianity and Islamic doctrine Term Christianity Islam Afterlife Christians will be with the Lord in heaven (Phil. 1:21-24), in our resurrected bodies (1 Cor. 15:50-58).   Non-Christians will be cast into hell forever (Matt. 25:46). There is an afterlife (75:12) experienced as either an ideal life of Paradise (29:64), for faithful Muslims or…


by Jim Searcy The last couple of weeks have been very sad in the history of the Church. Two of the three largest protestant denominations in America were GIVEN OVER by God, and can NO LONGER be considered Christian denominations. They are Reprobate Apostates. Saints in those denominations must hear the command of the Lord…

Silent Night

This was written about a story I heard as a new believer.  I put it into verse to capture the essence of the picture it painted of why God came as a man.

The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant

Once upon a time in the land called Feel Good there was a Church. This new Church was called “The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant”. Very recently this Church hired a new Pastor, Pastor Peace Keeper, who just graduated from the Seminary of Smooth Talking. The congregation “of the Comfortable and Tolerant” loved the…

The Spirit of Roman Catholicism

This comprehensive article reveals much about the past, present, and future intentions of the Roman Catholic Church. Neither its historic past, its present or its intended future are good. Indeed, should their future plans come to pass, we could expect extreme persecution of true Christians.

Denying Terrorism

This article reviews numerous murders and atrocities committed in American and foreign cities that the police have refused to assert were hate crimes or motivated by religious hatred, even though to an outside observer the cause and source were obvious.


There’s no mistaking Jim’s message. He states clearly there is no such thing as a Christian homosexual, that the terms are mutually exclusive. He has many important insights to share with you — an important read.