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War Against Israel

War against Israel seems irreversible unless strong action is taken to reverse it. According to Jim, the destruction of Israel is a holy obsession with the Muslim leadership of Iran, something that must precede the coming of the final Iman. This article is written from a Christian perspective with Jim’s prophetic understanding of Scripture included.

The Glorification of Self

Using Kevin Conner’s book The Kingdom Cult of Self as a starting point, Connie reviews this false doctrine, perpetuated by such as Norman Vincent Peale in The Power of Positive Thinking and Robert Schuller in Self-Esteem: The New Reformation. As one reviews the quotes in the article, the falsity of the doctrine is laid bare. This is not only not Christian, it is anti-Christian.

Foreknowledge or Predestination?

A watershed issue for the Christian life. Is many predestined to salvation or damnation? If so, there can hardly be any personal responsibility associated with salvation. On the other hand, if God foreknows those who will be saved, but only predestines the qualification of those who will be saved, then all have the opportunity of salvation and need only meet God’s requirements in order to be saved. See what Scripture says.

The Church Controversy: Women in Ministry

This article is good news to women called to ministry. Lorri offers biblical evidence to show that women are not less than men in the Christendom of our Lord Jesus. She painstakingly goes through the difficult scriptures that appear to relegate women to silent support roles and shows they are the result of mistranslation and misinterpretation.

The Passion

In her gentle way, Mary Ann observes many features about Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” that are contrary to evangelical Christianity and the Bible, but right in line with Catholicism. Mary Ann is a former nun who knows Catholic doctrine and is in an excellent position to recognize it and warn us about false doctrines perpetuated by the movie.

Must Christians Be Righteous?

This article is concerned with the facet of a saving faith requiring righteousness exceeding that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law. The centrality of righteousness in God’s plan for mankind is reviewed. This is another article that is scary — the requirements are substantial. Taking this to heart makes one truly fear God. An important read and study for each of us to apply to our lives.

A Great Coach

A wonderful story about a great man. You’ll love the nostalgia and also the reminder of how life used to be and still can be for those who will take the time and effort.