What the Bible Says About a Saving Faith

by Bernie Koerselman


Bernie Koerselman's book on Saving Faith should be read and studied by every pastor in the world.  It lays the essential foundation of the gospel that is missing from so many ministries today.  Bernie's book could revolutionize the church if its message was heeded.


David Servant

Pastor, Author

In recent days, a cloud of confusion has risen on the theological horizon.  Personal convictions have been staked, arguments mustered, and battle-lines drawn regarding surrender to the lordship of Christ and its place in the process of salvation.  What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith is exhaustive, uncompromising, and a valuable tool for blowing away the fog that hovers over so many who desire to clearly see the answer to the critical question, "What must I do to be saved?"

Ron Mehl, Pastor
Beaverton, Oregon

When a successful attorney opens his home weekly for a group of pastors to pray together, I want to know what motivates him.  Reading What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith explains that motivation, as Bernie Koerselman knows what it means to walk in obedience to the Risen Lord.

Charles W. Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries

In his book, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, Bernard Koerselman has demonstrated the same careful, painstaking analysis of his text (in this instance the Scriptures) which characterized his most successful approach to the study of law.  The result is a powerful statement regarding how we should respond to God's eternal plan for our lives.  The distinction between accepting Jesus as Savior and accepting Him as Lord is one which we all need desperately to understand.  I strongly encourage the reading of this important book by both the believer and the nonbeliever.  I am confident that all will benefit from its vital message.

Ronald F. Phillips, Dean
Pepperdine University School of Law

The Gallup poll tells us that 74% of all Americans claim to have prayed to receive Jesus.  With the moral fibre unraveling around us where's the evidence of this Christian influence?  We may even ask what is wrong with this picture?  Bernard Koerselman, with his skill as a lawyer, has laid out the biblical evidence so that a careful mind will ask again, who is this Jesus that we believe in?

Darryl DelHousaye, Pastor
Scottsdale Bible Church

Bernie, I read What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith on the plane coming back from Minneapolis and in the few days following my return.  It is a powerful book.  In this day and age when we seem to be concentrating on doctrinal issues in the Christian faith and Christian lifestyles, it is wonderful to be called back to the beginning where everything begins with an acknowledgment that God is, that he is revealed through Scripture in Jesus Christ who is Lord and Savior, that our faith in God and Jesus as the Son of God is the beginning of life, and that our faith calls for bowing our knee in submission to his lordship.  You have issued that call forcefully and called for us to look at life through Jesus instead of making Jesus look at life through us.  May God bless you always for that.

Charles I. Nelson, Professor of Law
Pepperdine University School of Law

Many Scholars believe the creed of the earliest Christians consisted of two words as rendered in the Greek: Kurios Christos -- (Christ is Lord).  With a lawyer's skill, my friend Bernard Koerselman has sought to relate the Lordship of Jesus Christ to His saving work at the cross of Calvary.  Not being a lawyer, I might have made a slightly different approach to the subject, but my conclusions would have been the same.  I consider Mr. Koerselman a true steward of the mysteries of grace.  He has performed a remarkable task, and his book merits wide, serious consideration in the field of Biblical scholarship.

Sherwood E. Wirt, Editor Emeritus
Decision Magazine

This exhaustively-researched book is something that should be in the hands of pastors and laymen around the world.  It is a must for every church and individual's study library.

Dan Wooding, President

The primary, foundational conviction of the early Church is summed up in three powerful words -- JESUS IS LORD!  Bernard Koerselman uses nothing but the Scriptures themselves to bring the Church back into focus on what this dynamic declaration really means.  Don't miss the eternally significant message permeating What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith.  It could change your life -- eternally!

Dr. Dick Eastman, President
International Every Home for Christ

I have completed reading Bernard Koerselman's book, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, with great interest and personal profit.

The fundamental foundation stone of our living in the world today must be to follow the plan and provision that Jesus Christ has made for all mankind.  Men place their faith in technology, in wealth, in fame and in health, but all of these are as nothing if they do not have an undergirding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  To become a Christian one must accept Jesus Christ as Lord, as well as Savior, of one's life.  To continue in a relationship with Jesus Christ, He must remain ever and significantly as "Lord" of one's life.  May I commend to readers, who may wish to have a thoroughly researched document on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Bernie Koerselman's book, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith.

Mervyn L. Morelock, Lt. Colonel
Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army

I think that author, Bernie Koerselman is to be congratulated on his book

"What the Bible Says About a Saving Faith." From the beginning through to

the end, there is the inescapable conviction that the author has not only

researched his subject thoroughly, but that (and this is a novelty in these

days), he also believes and embraces the truth that he presents to us.

I found it a book easy to get into and thoroughly enjoy, primarily because

it's subject matter is also dear to my own heart and soul. I would like to

see this book being read, not only by Pastors and Teachers, but more

importantly, by the rank and file membership of the 'Church'. Precious

souls indeed. Many of whom have been and are being, led far away from the

truth of God's word. Who do not give the time they ought, to personal,

prayerful Bible study. Instead, relying, as so many today, on the, often

spurious, teaching they receive from the Pulpit.


Bernie's book could not have been more timely, as we see in every nation,

city and town, the 'Trojan Horse' of easy believism spewing out it's false

Teachers, Pastors and Prophets. I am appalled at the numbers I meet, who

glibly tell me that they are 'Saved'. 'Washed in the Blood' and 'Born

Again'. Yet, not one of them exhibits any genuine sign of real conversion,

other than attending Church on Sunday and the occasional mid-week Prayer and

Bible Study.


They are waterless clouds, barren trees that bear no fruit but the sad husks

of what might have been. They follow 'another Jesus', taken in the snares of

'another Gospel'. Their daily lives and conduct are a living witness to a

spiritual bankruptcy. They know nothing of the Lord Jesus Christ as 'Lord

and Saviour' of their lives, neither do they want to. They will not have Him

to rule over them. Neither will they come to Him, that they might have life.

In Churches all over the world. Christ is preached as a feckless, weak and

powerless saviour. The bloodstained cross is hidden behind a decorous veil

of platitudes.  Sin, Judgment and Hell are alike, swept under the vestry

carpet and the doctrines of men and man-made denominations put in their

place. The beauty of the One who is declared to be the Son of God, with

Power, by the Resurrection, out from among the dead, is at once abhorrent to



As I read the words of Paul to the young Timothy, in 2 Timothy 1:7, I cannot

help feeling that they ought to be as applicable today, to the dear souls

who gather eagerly before the false shepherds who lead them in worship. But

this is not the case.


There is hardly a one of them who dares to speak of Christ or bear witness

to the saving grace of God in his or her heart.  Many have neighbours

who would never suspect that they are Christians. Why? Because they have a

'spirit of fear'. Paul declares for all time that God only gives "a Spirit

of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind". So this 'spirit of fear', where

do these so-called Christians get it from? If not God, then it must surely

be from the devil. I urge them all to read Bernie's excellent

book, when they will surely find the answer to their crying need. 


Walt Spencer (Evangelist) 

Hull Outreach. UK


Bernie Koerselman is a man of God with a passion for truth.   May God use this book to fortify the Church in these closing hours of time. 

Saving Faith is a must read for those who have a passion for truth.


Ray Comfort


I've always thought of salvation as a gift.  And it is.  But after reading What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith I began to think of it as a valuable treasure that has to be unwrapped ever so carefully.  To dig into the hidden layers of this gift is to find the most precious jewel, but there is a cost.  Bernie Koerselman presents the misconceptions that many Christians have about the road to salvation in a refreshing and startling new way.  If you've ever wanted to truly serve Jesus Christ as Lord you must read this timely book.

Kathy Thomas, President
Woman to Woman Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Koerselman offers one of the most concise current works to address the basic truths about the Christian life and walk.  While excellent, in particular to provide new believers with an accurate clear apologetic for their faith in Christ, it can be of great usefulness on every level of maturity or scholarship in the Body of Christ.  We will use it as a teaching tool in our church and recommend it most certainly as effective as such in any Christian context.  Perhaps most important of all -- it has the potential to make believers.

William and Esther Ilinsky
Esther Network International

What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith is a most stimulating book.  It is a book I will feel compelled to read again.  My hope is that every person who professes to be a Christian -- and those who don't -- will read it.  As a professional Christian educator, I was impressed with the book.  Bernie Koerselman's treatment of this most important of all subjects is logical, defensible, and above all, documented -- bilically documented.  Never again will I understand the Lordship of Jesus Christ in quite the same way.  This is also true for obedience and good works.  What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith is a book for today, and for eternity!

James E. Bultman, President
Northwestern College

This book should be a "must read" for every Bible study teacher.  The book alerts all Christians, new and old, to the danger of not teaching the complete Scripture.  Jesus must be our Lord if he is to be our Savior.  This message, so often avoided by our contemporaries, needs to be heard and practiced.  I pray all Bible study teachers would read and heed its message.

Linda Slykhuis
Bible Study Teacher

To my knowledge, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith is the only one of its kind.  In a perceptive, powerful, persuasive way the author outlines the true message of the Bible.  Being a Christian requires a changed life!  True conversion demands a life of obedience where JESUS is truly Lord.  Bernie Koerselman stimulated and challenged me greatly through his Biblical insights on this vital subject.  This book is worth reading.

Cecil Martens, Sr. Pastor
Jenison, Michigan

In his book, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, Bernard Koerselman addresses one of the most strategic subjects of the day — the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Although you may not fully agree with all of his conclusions, you will be helped greatly in understanding the centrality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the life of everyone who is sincere about the Christian life.  I hope you will be both challenged and blessed as you read this important volume.

Paul A. Cedar, President
Evangelical Free Church of America

I have found Bernie Koerselman's dedication to the integrity of the Scriptures most refreshing.  Responding pro-actively to a cultural gospel laced with cheap grace and a "what's in it for me?" mindset, Bernie points us to the compelling Biblical message:  the evidence of a bona fide believer is submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  The standard is high.  Bernie is not calling us to a new legalism, but to the liberty of a loving submission to the will of the Master.  What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith is vintage Koerselman.  Read it.  Let the light of the Word speak for itself.

Tom White, Author, President
Frontline Ministries

Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God."  One of the things that both attorneys and physicians have in common in their training is how to be an attentive listener.  The key to solving a medical mystery or a legal puzzle is often discovered by merely being quiet and really hearing what is being said by the patient or the witness.  It is very obvious that Bernie Koerselman has listened very carefully to both the written Word of the Lord, and the leading of His Spirit in his scholarly and engrossing book What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith.  The evidence is overwhelming and the verdict is unappealable.  It would be difficult to find a more convincing argument for who Jesus Christ really is.

Dan W. Chiles, Physician
Yorba Linda, California

I want to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to Bernie Koerselman on the writing of his thought provoking and inspiring book, What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The theme of the book challenges much of the popular preaching heard in today's pulpit and, I must admit, my own.  It has taken over 20 years of Bible training, Christian service and worldwide experience to finally be introduced to a definitive work, which sets in order a theology where Christ is rightly placed where He should (and must be) in each of our lives – as Lord.  I was able to use What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith as part of my regular devotions.  It was thoroughly researched and drawn from the pages of Scripture.  I found myself daily being ministered to and personally encouraged and inspired by the hundreds of Bible references found within its pages.
I thank the Lord for allowing What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith into my life.  It has had a dramatic impact on my thinking, my theology.  If I apply what I have read in this book, I believe God will use it to help me become a better husband, father, minister, friend – a better man.  If the value of a book is based on its influence, then the significance of this book is inestimable.  Without question, I believe that whoever reads What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith will be inspired, encouraged and greatly challenged, all for the better!
Thank you, Bernie.  Because of your obedience, many will be blessed through What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith.

Shawn Mitchell, Pastor
Oceanside, California

There has never been a book that has so challenged my understanding of Jesus' message to know him as Lord, not just as Savior.  This book will force you to reevaluate your own understanding of Christ's words.  It will motivate you to live differently, to know him more intimately, and to share his message of real saving faith more accurately.

Jeannie Griffith, Layperson
San Diego, California

Romans 13:14 says to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.  When we minister salvation to lost souls or reflect on our own salvation, we need to wear Christ well.  This is easier if the salvation is founded on the correct understanding of how we receive our gift of salvation.  Bernie Koerselman, in What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, reveals this scripturally, leaving you focused and ready to grow spiritually into your godly destiny.

John Indi

Harare, Zimbabwe

In What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, Bernie Koerselman uses his attorney background and volumes of Scripture to utterly destroy the false hope of the weakly committed that Jesus will do it all for them.  He repeatedly shows through many biblical proofs that a commitment to obedience to our Sovereign Lord is required of us all.  "Cheap grace" and "salvation by receiving" is exposed for the fraud that it is, and true grace and salvation from a Sovereign Lord is exalted.  The most exciting benefit of this book is that Jesus is made manifest in a way that no other author I have read has done.  After reading the book, which is mainly verbatim Scripture, arranged by title and function of our Lord, you can't help but know the true Jesus of Nazareth more intimately.  Next to the Bible, this may be the most important book about Jesus you have ever read.

Tom Stephenson, Layman
San Diego, California

Bernie Koerselman has made a fine contribution to the concept of what living, saving faith is.  It is the faith that causes the grace of God to transform every part of our being.  It is the faith that says "yes" to the Lord. It is the faith that acknowledges Him to be Lord and not only Savior.  This is the message that Bernie Koerselman conveys, and it is time somebody raises his voice loud and clear as only a lawyer could when standing before a jury.

Spiros Zodhiates, President
AMG International

I recommend this book, and have found it very effective in my prison ministry turning men from "liabilities to society" into "assets to society"!  Without going into arguments between Calvinism, Romanism or Weleyan theology, this book just shows clearly what saving Faith is.  That, after all, is the most important thing all people need to know!!

Tom Adcock, President

Jesus People International Prison Ministry

The Grace vs. Lordship issue has been debated for years, often with more emotion than clarity.  This legal-and-evidence-based presentation will challenge your thinking and cause you to tighten your own theology.  As his friend, I can assure you that Bernie's personal integrity and spiritual intensity are unwavering.

Fraser Doud, Sr. Pastor
San Diego, California

It has always concerned me that Christians are not being taught the necessity of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. In my desire as a teenager to become a Christian and to have the assurance that my heart had been changed I spent much time reading the Bible and praying.  After that afternoon in my room God's peace flooded my soul and my life was changed forever.  I gave testimony that I now knew Jesus as my King.  Since then I have never understood why the necessity of the lordship of Jesus was missing in our preaching. It was only some years ago after reading Andrew Murray's book, The School of Obedience, that I realized that I was not alone in believing that a vow of obedience is expected by our Lord Jesus Christ from anyone wanting a new life in Christ.

Andrew Murray writes: "The Father in heaven asks, and requires, and actually expects, that every child of His yield Him whole-hearted and entire obedience, day by day, and all the day.

"To enable His child to do this, He has made a most abundant and altogether sufficient provision in the promise of the New Covenant, and in the gift of His Son and Spirit.

"This provision can alone, but can most certainly be enjoyed, and these promises fulfilled, in the soul that gives itself up to a life in the abiding communion with the Three-One God, so that His presence and power work in it all the day

"The very entrance into this life demands the vow of absolute obedience, or the surrender of the whole being, to be, think, speak, do, every moment, nothing but what is according to the will of God, and well-pleasing to Him.

"If these things be indeed true, it is not enough to assent to them: we need the Holy Spirit to give us such a vision of their glory and divine power, and the demand they make on our immediate and unconditional submission, that there may be no rest till we accept all that God is willing to do for us."

What Murray wrote confirmed in my own heart what The First Letter Of John had been telling me all along. There is no such thing as a Christian knowingly wanting to live a life of disobedience.

For this reason when I discovered Bernie's book on Saving Faith I welcomed it as a great help for me to continue to not only want to obey the Lord Jesus Christ but to do so confidently with out being fearful of being legalistic.  To reject the lordship of Jesus is to reject salvation. The Bible teaches this, so do all the great revival men in church history whom I claim as my spiritual forefathers.

My prayer is that Christians everywhere would seriously consider Bernie's arguments for the sake of the only remedy for the sins that plague the church. Accepting the lordship of Jesus for us personally and for the entire church of Jesus Christ is our only hope of being blessed of God. If we do, it will bring unity in the church and God's blessing in our evangelism.

Elmer Klassen

Newton, KS 

What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith points out a fact that would surprise many modern-day Christians – that the Scriptures never say we are to believe in or accept Jesus as our Savior.  However, the Scriptures do command us to believe in Jesus as our Lord!  It may seem a subtle difference of words, but could be a major difference in where they lead.  Bernie Koerselman demonstrates from Scripture where these differences lead.  You might not agree with everything he says, but you will be challenged by his systematic and thorough use of the Scriptures.  Even more, your concepts of what it means to be "saved" could be greatly challenged.

Nelson Walker, Layman
Carson, California

As I read through What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, I sensed that Bernie Koerselman has touched a vital cord of the Christian experience.  It may well be that obedience, as defined in his book, is the one element lacking in our personal experiences today that is preventing revival from coming to the Body of Christ in our time.  The book is challenging and timely. I highly recommend reading it.

Robert D. White, Layman
Placentia, California

What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith should be "must" reading for every minister, pastor, priest, and even the Pope.  The book clearly proves that Jesus has to be our Lord to have eternal life.  Unfortunately many churches don't teach this most important aspect of our salvation.  Many "Christians" will be fooled by the devil and their names will not be written in the Book of Life because they've been following the wrong Jesus.  This important book should be read by every professing Christian in order to examine their lives to see if they're following the right Jesus.

Volker and Gina Bauerle
La Habra, California

Though I was raised in a Christian home and attended church most of my life, I failed to have a personal relationship with the Lord.  After experiencing a rocky road, fighting depression, and an inability to cope with the situation at home, the Lord spoke to my heart, called me to become his child, and wrapped his arms of love about me.  I now believe with all that is within me – intellect, heart and soul – that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  That, my dear friends, is exactly what this book is about.  Written precisely, clearly and simply, so that everyone can understand its message, it should be read, meditated upon, and shared with others.  There is no mistake in its representation of Bible scriptures – that Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives and the Savior of our souls.  "Faith" is a pretense that cannot save when it refuses to obey the commands of the Savior; therefore each of us is called to have a "Saving Faith."

Wawanna Petkelis, Bible Study Teacher
Murrieta, California

Today many who profess to be Christians have no idea of what it means to be a true Christian.  Many of us were born into Christianity and never really questioned it, but also didn't really believe with our whole heart and soul.  The faith was there but not the true belief or commitment to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  Unbelievable as it seems today, until recently I never personally read the Bible.

When my wife fully accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and was "born again," there was an unbelievable visible change in her.  I finally believed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Master and dedicated myself to him.

Since that momentous day, I now truly believe and long to spend time reading the Bible, for it is the Word of God.  Tears came to my eyes reading What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith, as I realized what had been missing all these years.  The path to gain a "saving faith" is blessedly described in this book.

Tony Petkelis, Believer
Murrieta, California

Many thanks for the book "What the Bible Says about a Saving Faith".

The book? Astounding! I have been unable to put it down since the day it arrived here. I keep reading thoughts that I have entertained in heart and mind for many years. It is almost as though this man is reading my mind. How wonderful and how strange too. The truth lies unwanted in the streets and no one cares any more. But the Lord Jesus Christ cares and so do we. Thank you for giving us this all too lovely gift and be assured that we shall do it justice. It is a pebble thrown into a deep pool and the ripples will go on and on and on, as He wills it.

Walt Spencer

Hull Outreach

            I myself have heard “accept Christ as your personal Savior” so many times in the last 10 years that I didn’t think much about using the phrase myself.  By reading and studying this book I came to see more and more how the Scripture emphasizes Jesus Christ as Lord, so this is what we should do also.

            Here on Death Row the easy believism gospel has taken a hold, because many of the men want enough religion to get them to Heaven and to be forgiven of their terrible sins and crimes, but to go so far as to allow Jesus Christ to be Lord of my Life?  You’ve got to be kidding!  At least that seems to be the attitude.

            I am recommending this book to three different groups:  mature Christians that need to examine the way they preach and teach Jesus to the unsaved; new Christians that need to know exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into; and those who are on the verge of turning by faith to Christ, so they can get a clear understanding of what Saving Faith really is.  So far the book has been used in these ways, and is a great blessing to us here.

Stephen Nethery, Death Row Inmate

Huntsville, Texas

In America where millions and millions of people fill Christian churches every Sunday, yet Monday morning you cannot find a Christian to save your soul – In America where cults, false religions, sports fans and political activists have more courage and conviction than the average Christian – In America where now terrorism has risen its ugly determined head    In America the unsaved people and the church need to know who the real Jesus is and what real salvation is. 

This book will show you. I highly recommend it.  All Americans need to read this book!

Tom Adcock

President Jesus People Ministry


Your book helped me tremendously.  As I think back on my life, for many years Jesus Christ was important in my life primarily as Saviour.  You opened my eyes with your statistics of how many times Lord is mentioned in Scripture, compared to the number of times Saviour is mentioned.  Now, without fail, as I share the Word with the unsaved, I emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  He must be Saviour and Lord of all!


Dr. James Rentz, Pastor

Sun Lakes, Arizona