The Story of Texas Tech

Carl and Connie Giordano are street evangelists in Dallas, Texas. Although Carl once had a booming, robust voice and would preach and minister on various college campuses, over the last several years he has acquired a mysterious throat, ear and sinus ailment that has caused his throat, ears and head to clog up to the point where he is unable to preach so that the students are able to hear him. However, he, Connie and their 14-year old son, John, faithfully witness, preach and pass out tracts in the streets of Dallas and over their CB radio. They also produce a thought-provoking and insightful newsletter called “Victory In Jesus Newsletter.” If you would like to correspond with them, please write to Carl and Connie Giordano, Victory in Jesus, 607 North Alexander Avenue, No. 148-M, Duncanville, TX 75116. Please pray for Carl’s physical healing!

Texas is the “buckle” on the “Bible Belt” and as such is full to overflowing with false doctrines and false shepherds pied-piping the masses along to damnation. Many campus preachers find Texas campuses some of the most difficult because many of the students are “once saved always saved” and as a result they live like “little devils” and claim to be “Christians.” These “little devils” fight the true gospel more than the head-hunters do in Africa! They scream, yell, cuss, use violence, etc. — whatever it takes to keep the crowd and themselves from hearing the truth. Let me give you an example.

Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, Texas about 300 miles or more from Dallas. Myself and two other “Destroyers” (1 Jn. 3:8; 1 Cor. 1:19; Jer. 1:9,10, KJV) (local Dallasites), flew up to Lubbock, TX to hold a three-day crusade on the Texas Tech campus. (I say we flew up to Lubbock meaning we used Southwest Airlines. We haven’t grown wings yet, nor were we translated.)

Upon arrival, we immediately climbed upon a low wall in front of the library and launched into an attack against sin and false doctrine. It was early in the morning and not much foot traffic at the time. But within about five minutes or so there was a crowd of about 300 to 500 screaming, heckling, riotous students gathered around for our crusade! It wasn’t long before the police were all over the place trying to keep order in “the meeting.” The three of us “tag teamed preached” (preaching about an hour a piece all day long). After a couple of hours the chief of police (campus police) and the Dean of Students approached me and asked, “Carl, can we talk to you inside the building for a moment?”

Inside they asked, “How long will you be on our campus, Carl?”

I said, “We’ll be here for three days preaching all day long each day.”

They replied, “That’s fine. We don’t have any objection. We just had to know because we are going to have to use every police officer on campus to defend you out there.” I explained that we really didn’t need their protection but they insisted “for our safety sake.”

The reason they asked me inside and insisted upon protecting us was because I was under great attack from the “Christian” students. Not the homosexuals, fornicators, or drunkards, but the “Christians” (although many of these “Christians” also fit the description of homosexuals, fornicators and drunkards)!

While preaching, these “Christians” climbed upon the wall where I was preaching and threw me off the wall into the crowd. I climbed back upon the wall and resumed preaching. Then it was that the “Christians” challenged me to a “fist fight” as they shoved me around on the wall.

One “Christian” shoved and screamed, “You blankety blank blank blank false prophet, I’ll knock your head off!! My father is a Baptist pastor!!! I’m a Christian!!! I drink!!! I have sex!!! I’m saved!!! I’m a Christian!!!!!”

I put my nose to his and eyeball to eyeball shouted for the whole crowd to hear, “You little devil!” (The crowd gasped and roared.) I continued, “You little devil! You are headed straight for Hell. For without holiness no man shall ever see God. You need to repent, you little devil!

By this time more “Christian” students wanted to ”fist fight” and began pushing, cussing and turning the crowd from simply being riotous to chaotic.

The police closed in around me on the wall and all around the wall (as the angels of God). They pushed the students away from me and promised arrest to any and all who continued to try and do me harm. From that point on the police surrounded us for the entire three-day crusade. They had their hands full! It was a literal riot for three days; pandemonium all about, as they went wild, as we condemned their sin and called them to repentance.

They would jump up on the wall, the police would surround me, and push them back and away! Oh, it was glorious — the “Christians” were getting double-barreled truth right between the eyes!

The police and administration of the university seemed to love it! (I believe they are sick and tired of the rampant, unchecked wickedness on campus and they were glad someone was challenging it.)

After our three-day crusade, the third day was the most riotous of all. These sinners had been stabbed with the Sword of the Lord for three days, continuously, and now they were completely berserk!

As we concluded our third and final day, the police surrounded us and escorted us to our rental car and then gave us a police escort off campus as they drove behind us until we were safely away from the campus. (You would have thought we were The Beatles or something.)

As we walked to our car with the police, a couple of the police officers asked, “Carl, when are you guys coming back? We appreciate you for coming to our campus. When are you coming again?”

Now, brothers and sisters, the end of “The Texas Tech Story” is glorious indeed. A few months after this riot at Texas Tech, I received a letter from a student at Texas Tech. He wrote:

“Dear Carl,

Please don’t ever stop preaching on the campuses of America! After you left Texas Tech, a revival broke out! For several days all over campus the students and a administration were gathering and talking together about the things you preached. Now prayer meetings and Bible studies have started all over campus. Both among students, teachers and administration! . . .”

The “Christians” on the Texas Tech campus said during our three day crusade: “You are pushing people away from Christ. You turn people Off! You’re condemning everybody to Hell! You cause more harm than good, you false prophets!!!”

But God destroyed the wisdom of the proud and brought revival! Blessed be His Holy Name!

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