The Ana Mendez Story

From F R I D A Y F @ X: Issue 27, July 5, 2002

Ana Mendez’ story could come straight from Acts. This Friday Fax reports on some of her experiences. Mexican intercessor Mendez has become well-known through a number of Christian conferences. She wrote the book “Shaking the Heavens” (Renew, Ventura, 2000), and now lives with her husband Emerson Ferrel in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. She works with C. Peter Wagner of Colorado Springs, who coordinates up to 60 million intercessors world-wide.

From crazy witch to evangelistic outreach Before becoming a Christian, Mendez was a witch in Haiti’s Voodoo cult.  She became psychiatrically ill, and landed in a clinic in Mexico. “While I was locked in the hospital, classified crazy, Jesus showed me his glory. I repented, and the Lord filled me with his Spirit. In the 14 days following my salvation, almost 80% of the patients were healed by God’s hand. I was no famous preacher, and only a few days old in the faith, but the demons left, the lame and others suffering terrible illnesses were healed.”

Preaching in other languages

Together with her previous husband Torcuato Luca de Tena, pastor of the New Anointing Church of Mexico City, Mendez started an intercession ministry. “When I had been a Christian for three years, my sister told me that God had shown her that I should work as a translator for a conference with Morris Cerullo. I laughed, because I understood probably only ten words of English at the time. My sister looked at me in an unusual way, and I sensed ‘that is God speaking through her’. I said ‘Lord, your will be done.’ Not long afterwards, I was on stage. The moment one of the conference teachers began to speak, I was able to understand English, and started to translate. Two months later, I preached at my first conference in the USA. In 2001, I spoke in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.  When I opened my mouth, I suddenly spoke French. I spoke French during the whole conference. Something similar happened in Brazil in 2001, when I was able to preach in Portuguese.”

‘Philip airlines’, multiplication of money and raising people from the dead

“In Mexico, I repeatedly experienced something like Philip in the desert. The Holy Spirit transported me to conferences, sometimes over long distances. The Bible speaks of the widow in Sarepta, who never ran out of oil and flour. I had the same experience with money: for six years, the money in my purse never ran out, enabling me to invest in the Kingdom. The Lord also allowed me to raise three people from the dead.”

Operation Ice Castle

In September 1997, Mendez led an initially secret prayer expedition to Mount Everest, under the title “Operation Ice Castle”. It was connected with ‘The Queen of Heaven’ (Jeremiah 7 & 44), according to Peter Wagner a demonic power misinterpreted as Mary by some Christian churches, honoured by Muslims as Fatima, and known to others as Diana or Artemis. Their team operated out of a base camp at 18,000 feet.

“Following the intercession, God told us to leave the camp before 11am, because it was going to be destroyed. We left the camp at 10:30. When we had all reached safety, one of the largest avalanches on record occurred on all three mountainsides around the camp – Everest, Loh-La and Nuptse. The camp was completely destroyed, and the climbing season had to be cancelled. The only flag left on Everest was for Jesus, the King of Kings.

CNN also reported about the avalanche. Since then, we have seen millions come to faith in Asia. Pastor Lok Main Bandhari, who had welcomed us to Nepal, then had a church of 70 people. Two years later, his movement had grown to 1,000 churches. Within two weeks of the expedition, other things happened which I believe are also connected: the huge fire in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation; an earthquake destroyed the basilica of Assisi, where the Pope had called a meeting of all world religions; a hurricane destroyed the infamous temple ‘Baal-Christ’ in Acapulco, Mexico; Princess Diana died, a representative of the British throne, to which Sir Edmund Hillary dedicated Mount Everest; and Mother Theresa died in India, one of the most famous advocates of Mary as Co-Redeemer.”

Fire under the ice

“We were supposed to pay the Nepalese Tourist Office $70,000 for permission to climb Everest – money which we did not have. When we prayed, God asked us ‘are you prepared to go to jail?’ We were. In the palace, I spoke with the minister: ‘Long live the Lord my God, in whose presence I stand. This is the cheque, but it is not covered. I am telling you this to prove that I believe in the God who sent me here. It is the legal document proving that I am prepared to go to jail for your nation. What will you do for your nation? Nobody can stop me. God’s will for Nepal is that you sign a trade agreement with Korea in three months. God wants to prevent a bloodbath in Kathmandu in 5 months. My Lord Jesus Christ says to you: ‘The fire is under the ice’. The man went pale, and said ‘It is impossible for you to know those words! We just had a cabinet meeting, because a revolution is being planned in Nepal, with the codeword ‘The fire is under the ice.’ I believe you!’ He gave the cheque back and let us go without paying.”

Source: Ana Mendez

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