2 Thes. 2:11 … that they should believe a lie:

It’s amazing how the emphasis from the media can change from time to time, without warning or inkling from the those ‘in the know’. As if a pet theme pops out of nowhere, or a new fad is recycled from the past. Is it uncanniness how a theme (from ‘child abuse’, to cycle helmets, to ‘self-esteem’, to whatever) suddenly appears, to become a public obsession. Like a worn-out (sometimes) pop group have to be rekindled, with a profit in mind, mind you. Or a fad is a hit even before it is released; from Batman mania, to the Star Wars craze, or the present Harry Potter cult?

Or is it pre planned marketing strategies put in place, with multi-million dollar back-up and sponsorship?  So what is deemed as success, is not just based on timing and brilliance, but more on whether it fits the bill and the agenda of who owns the worldwide entertainment network. Because this network of multinational conglomerates is much bigger and influential than what the average Joe Blogg’s could ever dream or give it credit for. Having the power to manipulate events and thoughts of the general populace, in any direction it would determine.

Take British Royalty as a best example in our time? If the media wants them to react in a certain way, which would have an overwhelming effect on public thinking, is there filed away somewhere reports and photos that can be brought out of mothballs at any given time, to insure an intended set-trend is on track. As well as a little coerced cooperation by their subjects in order to avoid discredit by airing publicly any “dirty laundry” (who has a squeaky clean past anyway?) that someone may have been sitting on. Or, as a final result; applying the art of ‘character assassination’. For the Invisible Government has the power and the means in place to distort anyone’s image over night who is not skipping to their tune.

Getting back to “the Royal Family”. Well, that was once who they were referred to. Then suddenly the media was only referring to them as “the House of Windsor”. Was this just to alienate them from the public eye?  As no longer were they presented as warm and personal in the world limelight, but portrayed as distant, cold, boring, prudish, “stand-offish prates” as well as ‘out of touch’ dignitaries. Somehow the paparazzi appeared to be mainly taking ‘caught off guard’ snap shot poses; like the Princess yawning, the Prince stumbling, a relative

looking awkward, or the Queen always with a frown on her face.  All for the purpose of assuring conformity, then reinventing them as relevant “catching the needs of the ordinary people” and “up-with-the-play”. Colourful individuals who need to be reverenced and modeled after.  When all is said and done … who cares if the Queen pays taxes or doesn’t pay taxes? Depends on how the multimedia has swayed your thinking by its imagery, manipulation of facts, subtle persuasiveness, and ‘thought control’ tactics. The same goes for anyone of course, as the Invisible Government is not partial. F’instance; why do some things

(the movie “Water World’ comes to mind here) make it, while others that should, don’t? Could it be that someone has rocked the apple-cart along the way and upset someone’s plans? As I always say … politics is only a means! But what is the ‘end’? Distortion, subterfuge and

confusion! But who cares … as long as the masses are kept preoccupied, entertained, and obscured from the truth?

Blind allegiance:

Just how fickle can the crowd get? Remember Tehran a few decades ago?  When the Shah had a son the whole city came to a standstill, celebrating with cheers and the blowing of car horns. Just twenty years later the same commotion and jubilation was echoed throughout the city. This time, because the Shah was leaving Iran for good, because anyone friendly with America and the West was in danger. Following, another twenty years on … a clean-cut Iranian world cup soccer team posing with smiles and friendship embraces, with their fellow American players, before the cameras on the world’s centre-stage.

Human nature? Yes!! Which can be exploited for good or bad, depending on what “good” or “bad” is perceived as; or what angle you want to convey to the masses. Reminiscent of the man from Galilee entering Jerusalem to the waving of palm leaves and cries of jubilant Hosannas; from the multitude. A short period latter, however; shouts of jeering and hurled abuse from the multitude, as this wounded Man forcibly staggers from the City for His execution.

One day you might be a hero. The next day the crowd my prefer a murderer over you. Depends on how the masses have been swayed. On what is expedient and relative. Nothing to do with truth.

Yes, there is nothing new under the sun! While much of the world has it’s undivided attention on Afghanistan, what is really happening back “home”, behind the scenes? Oh yes … “the erosion of freedom, for the sake of freedom!” Sounds like another oxymoron to me!? However, many would rather follow the dangling carrot than pay attention to the Dangler. Whether he wore a collar and tie, or a red suit and horns.  Many would rather follow the magic of the Pied Piper, unaware, he has to be paid further down the road.

Setting up scapegoats:

So if the media has the power to create a new mindset, what about those not prepared to go with the flow? How much more will they come under attack than a royal figurehead, a wayward politician, or a celebrity not socially playing his cards right? Now legislation has been put in place (or is being put in place) to deal with non-compliants, all with the purpose of eradicating terrorists, would-be terrorists, even suspected terrorists. Maybe a bounty will go out on God? Can’t He be labeled a terrorist?

Ezekiel 32:32. For I have caused my terror in the land of the living:

Maybe Moses will be banned? Which means a big chunk of his writings the Old Testament, as well as much reference in the New. For he can be labeled a terrorist too:

Deuteronomy 34:12 … and in all the great terror which Moses shewed in the sight of all Israel.

Depends on who you follow though. Which may mean people who believe the Bible to be taken literally, will be branded in ‘the War on Terror’ also:  2 Corinthians 5:11. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.

Convenient legislation:

A law was just about to be passed in the UK (Anti-Terrorist, Crime and Security Bill) which meant ‘hell, fire and brimstone’ preachers could have gone to jail. The law was so broad, popular comedians and actors were up-in-arms, as they could’ve been arrested for ‘taking the Mickey’ out of religion or a character of another nationality.  Now the population would not like to see the likes of Mr. Bean or Basil Fawlty banned from public viewing, would it? But what about religious fundamentalists, who are apparently spoiling the world? This is probably the reason why some Christian web sites have been blocked, while “child porn’ sites left alone, by the internet filters. Dozens and dozens of email addresses on my list have been blocked, so I can’t contact people who have subscribed to SP, and want to remain on my list


Just recently a very prominent theologian in our nation, Professor Lloyd Geering, was in town speaking on the need for a more liberal church in the 21st Century. His theme was “The World to Come”, where he stated “fundamentalists within any religion are one of the greatest dangers to the world today.” [M.E. Saturday Express, Nov. 17, 2001] And was accusing the church of being ruled by fundamentalists. (Dum de dum dum!!!)

Now he certainly was not referring to Moslem fundamentalists here! Nor the IRA or Maoist fanatics! Various groups all over the USA (and closer to home) are now applying pressure on the government to crack down on religious fundamentalists (more on this later). Things are beginning to gather momentum.

The real reason:

Some say, the reason behind the draconian measure being introduced and justified by the Visible Government of the US of A (and Europe and the rest of the “Free” World) at the moment is because the NWO is out to destroy all opposition and anything that would hinder them from achieving their goal of controlling the whole world.

Now, although this notion is true, is it only a part truth. If one was only prepared to go as far as seeing things this way, would one be short of biblical discernment. As Peter puts it: “But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.”  If the above underlined reason is the sole or chief reason bible

believing Christians are going around warning the world and their kindred buddies about a global takeover, then are they blind and short-sighted to the Heavenly Vision (Acts 26:19), and can’t see what we have been saved from, why we are here, and where we are going. It would also be the favoured ammunition patriots and the local militia are looking for to exploit and justify their cause of (unscripturally) ‘taking on the System’. It would also give the System the ammo they were looking for in linking bible believers to right wing extremists,

then for the inevitable rounding up of all dissidents by the civil authorities. Now we are getting a little more closer to the real reason behind (Satan’s) NWO.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses (or aircraft carriers and submarines. Or cruise missiles and smart bombs … ):

Then what is the ultimate aim of destroying all opposition to the NWO?  First, you need to read your bible (for yourself that is – not depending on a go-between, a “spiritual” advisor, or a paid professional , to do the job for you) and get the true picture who is behind the world takeover, since the beginning of time, and how to combat it/him.  The answer: Not by flesh and blood and carnal means says the Book of life:

2 Cor. 10:4. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

Which means, we are not fighting groups or organizations (these are only tools in our enemies hands) whether civilly or by physical assertion. Who are we really in conflict with? The Devil and his spiritual cohorts is the clear biblical answer!  I have said it before and will say it again … it is not a political or military battle we are fighting, but a spiritual one. That can only be fought with spiritual weapons. Forget about “noble” crusades and taking to the streets! Forget about bombs, grenades, and MI6’s! Forget about arming yourself to take on the new imposed order. They will take away your guns anyway, whether you like it or not. Then will we have to put our trust in our Redeemer after all, and come to the same conclusion

as David:  Psalms 44:6 “For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me.”

True bible believers are not patriots, but pilgrims. Are not citizens of earth, but sojourners. The quicker we realize this, the more effective we can be as solders of Christ enlisted in the Good Fight.  Earnestly contending for the faith (not your country or political alliance) which was once delivered unto the saints.

The truth under attack:

Truth is seeing things the way God sees things. The over all picture, and what we do with truth.

The NWO taking out all opposing factions is a fact, but is not primary and paramount to the ultimate Schemer behind the Plan. It maybe man’s plans on paper, but there is a sinister and more evil spiritual reason behind the diplomacy, peace treaties, hand shakes, sable rattling, war mongering, and rhetoric, of our worlds statesmen and politicians.  What is the over all plan then? What is the main reason for achieving this control?

God’s Book says it is to do with truth. If the truth gets out, or people are aware of the truth, then Satan’s plans are in jeopardy and people might get set free by the good news.  Even though the reason behind world government, the international interlocking of trade, the stewing-pot of culture, and the great melting down of nations sovereignties, is so people and nations will be so interdependent of each other, wars will be vanished and peace enforced upon us. So the notion goes! However, why the great secrecy; until the job is done, and the underhand way the systems have been put in place, and new policies imposed upon us? The Bible makes it clear a hidden force is at work hiding behind the “good” intentions and reason for the New World Government. Where the Devil is working in the background so the truth can be quelled out of existence and man will be entrapped by a lie. All calls and systems put in place for co-operation and compliance, are just means! Justified means! But means nevertheless!  The end is salvation denied for the deceived multitudes. Get the picture!?  If you think eternally not temporary; spiritually not carnally; biblically not traditionally, then will you see things the way God sees things. And truth will be revelation, not just knowledge. Truth will be reality, not just a concept. 

Jesus said in regards to His ministry:

“To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

This is the same ministry bible believing Christians are suppose to be called to. Conformed to. With the same cause in mind, without any divergence.

“To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.”

Do you believe it?

Pilate tried to brush away the truth by saying to the Truth, “What is truth?” In other words … does truth exist? “Is it out there?” “Hath God said?” Then changed the subject. A great politician!

What is truth? Answer: “Thy word is truth”! John. 17:17! I’ll repeat this with emphasis: Thy word is truth!

Therefore, is this war not really a war on terrorism, or New Age misfits and extremists, but against God’s word and those who are committed to it. The Devil will do all he can to set up smokescreens, diversion, and try and intercept truth when it is conveyed or finds a reception.

Mark 4:17 And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.  The above verse is Jesus pointing out how some will respond to the truth, but because they received not the love for it, will they let it go when the going gets too difficult.

So what are we doing with the truth? What did Pilate do with the truth? The word says those who hate it will be given over to strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. So basically, it all boils down to whether one receives the truth, from the Bible, and therefore it’s author, and is saved. Or a lie from the father of lies and is damned.

In God’s eyes, anything outside His word is extreme (so who are the real extremists?). Anything outside the scripture, is a lie (so who are the liars?).  Yes, we are called to resist. But not the world and it’s systems (Matthew. 5:39; Romans 13:2 – sorry about that!), but the Devil and his schemes of bringing us under deception (James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:9 – how’s that!).

Thy word is truth, and it’s consequences:

At this point it must be established that when ‘the word’ in scripture is spelt with a lower case ‘w’ in the New Testament, is it referring to the recorded word, the scripture itself. When the Word is used in the New Testament with a capital ‘W’ is it referring to Jesus (see Jn.

1:1,14. 1 Jn. 1:1; 5:7. Rev. 9:13).

So being a follower of Jesus without the word is just a “Jesus” trip. “Come to Jesus, it feels so good man!” Shallow and trendy. Showy, facile and glib. It may be having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof . However, if a Jesus follower is going to live for the word is he going to get opposed; strongly may I add:  Revelation 6:9. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God (little ‘w’ – the scripture), and for the testimony which they held:  Now you won’t be going to get persecuted for promoting New Age modern versions, because they are all aiding the Ecumenical Movement and mitigating in Political Correctness and de-deifying and de-gendering Jesus Christ who came in the flesh. But the Holy Bible (the AV – the English Bible) will, and is, the one coming under fire. Isn’t that incredible? Therefore, will it have to be eventually outlawed, banned, because of it’s Political Incorrectness” and “cultural insensitiveness”, and failure to moderate and compromise for the sake of World Unity.

Which means, those who advocate and follow the Bible Only will have to

be banned and outlawed just the same. “It’s okay to use the bible, as long as you are doing so on a par with other sacred books and writings!” is the New Age dogma!  This is the whole point of the exercise in a nutshell. Has the penny now dropped? Does the truth now register somewhere down in your gut?  Can you now see where all this heading and why the Devil has to arrange circumstances; environmentally, socially, politically, and religiously, to narrow down the targets to groups who will not ‘tow the line’ of the NWO, then pinpoint the truth advocators … bible believers? And single them out.

Here’s another scripture:

Revelation 20:4. And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God (little ‘w’ again – the Bible), and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Did you know the lamp in scripture symbolizes the word of God? Psalm 119:105 and Proverbs 6:23! And Jesus is only coming for those who have the true word or are abiding in the word (oil in their lamps – Mat. 25:1). Those with bibles without the Holy Spirit’s  anointing, or at lease, without end-time revelation, will miss out when the Bridegroom comes. The foolish versions (I mean virgins) may have the bible (or a version) and look religious. But going with the world is more important to them, than following the word. “Going with the flow” is better to them than cooperating with the Spirit of God. Those who are martyred for the word before the Rapture will reign with Jesus over the earth for the final Millennium. Yes, and believers are going to get martyred for the word, and nothing else (both sides of the Great Tribulation). Because, at the end of the day, the truth is Satan’s major worry.

Released or snared:

It will either be Jesus or the Devil. The scriptures or conformity to the world. The whole world will be snared says Luke 21:35 (those ‘not of the world’ will escape). Even those who keep holding onto tradition instead of conforming to the word will also be snared! There is nothing anyone can do about it:

Rev. 17:17-18. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

So extreme groups; those who stick to their belief systems emphatically, without moderating, will be eradicated, until there will only be those left who follow the beast. They can flee to other countries, hide in holes, change their identity, but they will eventually be flushed out by

Big Brother, and removed.

The final method of elimination will be by decapitation (according to Revelation). In this PC world will this be considered ‘user friendly’, quick and humane, cost efficient, sustainable, and like Stem Cell Research, GE, and cloning humans; put to good use for “saving lives” and the benefit of scientific world, and “humankind” in general. Body parts will be in great demand, and taking off the head by the guillotine will leave the undamaged body intact. Wow!! Why didn’t they think of this before?

Looks like the State of Georgia is going to get the ball rolling! Will it be the first to initiate the guillotine for the death penalty?  Moderate or be branded with the terrorists and extremists! Go along with Big Brother or be hunted! That’s the choice the NWO gives! Let’s see what being propagated at present.

The link:

Since the 70’s, when hijacking and world terrorism came into it’s own, has the general population not only been shocked, sickened, and saddened, by all the indiscriminate madness of violence and destruction unleashed on innocent civilians, in the name of freedom fighting, but have been frustrated and made to feel helpless and insecure, by the lack of official measures taken, and lack of deterrents put in place. This has brought about a great need for governments to take action, and a willingness by individuals to give up personal freedoms for results to be proved. September 11 (where World Terrorism was brought to the shores of America) was the catalyst (or green light) for desperate measures to be lodged by governments and justified. When War was (“finally” and “at long last” – sigh of relief!?) declared on International Terrorism.

Then, out of the blue came (predictably) the Anthrax scare.  The emphasis now shifting to include war against “Internal” or “Domestic” Terrorism.  Being linked to right wing and religious extremist groups due to Oklahoma, Waco, and other smaller incidents, previously. No longer were just Islamic Terrorists our enemy, but now (Christian) extremists. “Our war is not against Islam, (that Great Religion, a religion of peace and tolerance – thanks George!), but against all extremists!” was the catch phrase.  So the plot thickened, as new dangerous laws against personal freedom were drafted, in order to fight the apparent enemy within.

The link “justified” (underlines added):

“The past two decades have seen the rise within the Republican Party of extreme-right and Christian fundamentalist elements, many of them linked to a fascist underground of racists,

militia fanatics and anti-abortion activists. Individuals and groups sharing the political agenda of the ultra-right have been responsible for the vast majority of terrorist actions in the United States in recent years, including the bloodiest such attack in US history prior to September 11—the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by right-wing militia supporter Timothy McVeigh, which killed 168 people. Anti-abortion extremists have murdered doctors, bombed clinics and planted the bomb that killed one person at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.” [The record of right-wing terrorism – World Socialist Web Site]  If you are an anti war/anti violent, peace loving, bible believer; sorry, you are branded and slotted nevertheless. The Devil wants to

pinpoint his true adversary and real threat:

“Not all anti-abortionists are advocates of violence, nor do all militias put stopping abortion on the top of their list of goals. But while it would be wrong to lump both groups entirely together, it’s equally indefensible for mainstream media to have kept militia who target federal agents, and the anti-abortion militants who target feminists (and women, especially poor women), so far apart.  John Burt, a former Klansman, borrows tactics like his ‘wanted’ posters from the KKK, and says that ‘fundamentalist

Christians and those people [the KKK] are pretty close.’  (The Progressive, 10/94) Paul Hill told USA Today (3/7/94), “I could envision a covert organization developing – something like a pro-life IRA.”

Anti-abortion activists like these share agendas, rhetoric and tactics with the militia. Others, like Matthew Trewhella, director of Missionaries to the Preborn, have formed militia groups of their own. Trewhella pastors a church-based militia whose priority is defeating abortion. He’s also a member of the National Committee of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP), what Covert Action (Spring/95) calls “one of the largest political manifestations of the theocratic wing of the Christian right.” [Far-Right Militias and Anti-Abortion Violence]

Remember Y2K? Was this used or staged just to brand Christian groups with terrorism (at lease get the ball rolling until 911) and also use this psyched-up non-event, to discredit bible based Christianity because of a few unbalanced Prophecy Alarmists?

A November 19 Washington Times article reports that “A coalition of conservative groups has asked Congress to investigate an FBI report on the threat of domestic terrorism at the turn of the millennium, saying the report paints all Christians as ‘extremists.” In a letter to Congressional leaders, the heads of 32 groups, including Paul Weyrich of Coalitions for America and Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, demanded an investigation of the FBI, saying that the report is biased against Christians and conservatives. [Millennial Law Enforcement – Y2K Media Watch]

Even if bible believing Christians are going to be hard to brand as violent and dangerous, bandying them together as anti-abortion, anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti whatever, as the New Age norm; will be sufficient to win over an indoctrinated, brainwashed, frustrated, and

hardened society:

“While fanatical fundamentalism is now recognized as a threat to modern democracies, another fact is largely unrecognized by our political leaders: whether associated with Christian, Islamic or other religions, fundamentalist movements are

universally anti-feminist.”

“America’s homegrown brand of terror has resulted in several major incidents of loss of life of innocent people. Right-wing vigilante violence is deeply embedded in Christian fundamentalism.” [Terrorism, Fundamentalism and Women in Afghanistan]

Dobbing in a mate:

New Zealand was once a beautiful country to live in. Still is compared to many other places. What once made this country special was an unspoken code of looking after or covering for your fellow Kiwi, before all the Politically Correct nonsense permeated the land. It was a major crime to dob in (blow the whistle, spill the beans) on your neighbour. Now it is a major crime not to, as people have been conditioned to buy into Globalism, along with it’s methods and ‘reward’ system (carrot dangling). People are now ‘reward’ conscious and ‘dollar’ orientated (“cost efficient” is the PC phrase).

Because of rising crime and no-gooders in society, is it your duty to now dob in a neighbour who is not ‘towing the line’.  Like smacking their children f’instance. Or depriving them of TV or Harry Potter? Or it could be more justified; like reporting a welfare fraudster, or a lunatic driver on the open highway. In this instant age of hi-tech and 0800 numbers, who is going to know? Especially if merit points or a wee reward is looming? Sounds all too familiar to me; like Germany in the 30’s and early 40’s?

Now, as good global citizens, is it becoming necessary to dob in would-be terrorists. After all … we are at war, and your neighbour could be a potential Domestic Terrorist? Especially, if they are not 21st Century compliant.

Is this war real?

We know what happened to William (Bill) Cooper! Then again, he was not laying down the sword. But what about when they come for Jesus’ unarmed little lambs?  An email correspondent of mine has just been reported to the FEDs by a “brother in the Lord”. The appropriate scripture here is Galatians 4:28:

“But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.”

In other words; it will not be so much the world dobbing in the true bible believer (they will only be landed with the dirty job of what comes after), but apostates and religionists, from the nominal church.  For interest sake; some bible believing friends of ours in Australia have been accused by a fellow “Brother”, over the platform and on audio tape (I have a copy) they are Nazis. In the same league I was labeled with the Identity Movement as I pointed out a while back. It’s happening folks! And it’s not just coming from the world. Read this … a brother dobbed by another “brother”:  Is Michael Bunker a “terrorist”?:  You better read this and do everything you can to nip it in the bud as Barney Fife says:  Now the citizenry is watching you. And making lists of who is naughty and nice. Now the “ordained of God” are turning names in. At least one Bishop Donnie Short with Potter’s House Ministries is  reportedly helping government find suspects.

Oh sure. We all hate evil. But who gets to ultimately define it?  Lately many good folks have made the trek up to the attic to get the Stars and Stripes out of storage and they have rushed out to buy a flag pin to wear to church because the magic TV/god has declared patriotism is now a good thing. We are lockstepping toward a symbolism that is having its meaning redefined and changed?

Meanwhile, freedom is getting a good old fashion prison rape. The suspension of our life as we knew it is due to lawmakers as much as terrorists. 


Dogooders are about to rise up like a bunch of Pharisees and turn in their neighbors. It is already on.  The government encouragement to turn in names has now gone beyond asking

about the dark skinned foreigner and the troubled loner.  Christians are now turning names of other Christians in to the government terror “experts”.  I speak of the late breaking report at:

http://www.michaelbunker.com about a minister who has turned  patriot-preparedness-home church advocate Michael Bunker in as a terrorist.

If you have ever survived a good old fashioned Southern Baptist church split you know there is nothing that can attack and hurt you like a fine Christian brother who disagrees.  This  sickens me. If you think you have no dog in this fight you better think again about how close you are to a characterization or broad generalization of TERRORIST. Are you a gun owner? Are you a pro-lifer? Are you one of the few who still believe in national sovereignty? What have you confessed to your pastor?  Your time is coming.  I know Bunker. I am hardly a fan, follower, or admirer. We have had a running feud of sorts for years. We argue about all  things theological, logical and especially illogical. Most times if we see each other coming

down the street we avoid each other since we are both too bull headed to ever really listen to the other. There are things I think he is quite wrong about and he has an absolute disgust for my libertarian philosophy among many other things. We ain’t buddies. I find him alternately

entertaining and brilliant to offensive and pompous. He may be a lot of things from ego inflated to youthfully unwise. But he is no more a terrorist than Patrick Henry was.

Now some “man of God” has turned him in to the FEDGOV as a terrorist… and this man of God feels he is doing what is best. Heil Who? I don’t care what Bunker has ever said. This is a country where you are supposed to speak freely even if you are wrong, stupid, or even hurt the feelings of someone.

What a funny trick of the Creator that I would rise up to defend this man.  But I will. You can be a polar opposite of mine but I will grit my teeth, hold my nose and stand with you for  freedom.  Shame on the pastor who did this wrong.  What a sad event as well that a fellow West Texan would become president of this country and apparently speed up the headlong rush for an executive order form of government and the loss of our nationhood.  God Bless America indeed. 

Jesus predicted this reaction from the religionists in John 16:2 …

“They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that

whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”

Do you believe the book you hold in your hand is the truth? Do you believe the only hope for this darkened world is Christ Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life? If you do, then are you a danger to Satan’s kingdom and his NWO. Therefore, you may find yourself at loggerheads with his earthly system, especially the religious world. This is the crux of the matter. Not the armed Islamic Fundamentalist held up in his cave somewhere in Afghanistan. Or the KKK down the road planning his next rally. Or some madman at home preparing a suicidal mission. These nutters are an excuse. The war is against the truth of God’s word, the only light in this dark world. Satan is pulling every plausible and “well meaning” string to stifle the truth and keep man in bondage. Because … the truth shall make you free! The religionist hates to hear this … from those who have received a love for the truth:

2 Corinthians 13:8! “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.”