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Following is an article about the sexual abuse of nuns. It occurs in a number of newspapers but I have deliberately copied the story from a Catholic online newspaper,


About half of the 40% figure is the “normal” sexual abuse of children. However, the figure for nuns is almost double that of other women.

Also, in addition to the “funny uncle”, the children were abused by priests and nuns.


Close to ten percent of nuns suffered some form of sexual abuse while they were nuns.


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Catholic News, January 6, 2003


The St Louis Post-Dispatch carried a disturbing report on Sunday, picked up by other major media outlets around the world, of research at the St Louis University paid for by several orders of religious nuns that shows “about 40 percent of all nuns in the United States, have suffered some form of sexual trauma”. The study was undertaken in 1996 and reported in some respected but small circulation religious journals in 1998 but not picked up by the mainstream media.


The newspaper reports some of the key findings of the research including:


Nearly one in five nuns said she had been sexually abused as a child. While most of the abuse came at the hands of a male family member, about 9 percent of the cases were attributed to abuse by priests, nuns or other religious people.


One in eight nuns said she had been sexually exploited. Of those, nearly three of every four maintained she was victimized by a priest, nun or other religious person. The exploitation included everything from pressure for “dates” to requests for sexual favors to sexual intercourse.  Two of every five nuns who said they had been sexually exploited said the exploitation involved some form of genital contact.


Slightly fewer than one in 10 nuns said she was the focus of sexual harassment at least once during her religious life. Almost half of those were reported to be at the hands of priests, nuns or other religious people. More than half of the total harassment cases involved some type of physical contact, according to the survey.


In their report, the researchers noted that they believe the figures are more likely to underestimate rather than overestimate the true prevalence of sexual victimization among sisters. “The fear and pain of disclosure would be sufficient enough to discourage responding in some sisters,” the

report said.


The results of the nun survey on abuse seem to be in line with many other surveys of women. National surveys indicate that about 20 percent to 27 percent of all women have been sexually abused as children.



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6 Jan 2003