Soul Seeking Saturday

July 2, 2005

What do abortionist, the homeless, and clubbers all have in common? They were all witnessed to this past weekend, at least some of the ones in Dallas were. A team of 14 was organized by my friend Steve here at Teen Mania to go into Dallas and witness. He wanted to expose everyone to many different forms of outreach. The team consisted of males and females, ages 18-22. In the morning it was an abortion clinic saving babies, in the afternoon and evening it was a homeless shelter feeding and loving the poor, in the night time it was Deep Ellum preaching the gospel!

Abortion Clinic:

We connected with Steve's friend, Rev John Reyes who is the Director of Operation Save America. I had heard of this amazing brother before and had worked with some of his people in Connecticut. He came and spoke once on the Teen Mania Campus but I was not able to make the meeting. This brother is on fire! He was full of joy and love as well as truth. He didn't compromise when he spoke but he still spoke with gentleness. He was gently abrasive, roughly smooth, softly hard.

Preaching outside of an abortion clinic is like preaching outside of a bar or a club. You focus on that particular sin, but not that people merely repent from that one sin, but that they leave all their sins and become born-again. The forms of ministry outside the clinic were praying, sidewalk counseling, open-air preaching, and putting red tape with the words "Life" on it over your lips. We also had abortion/life signs.

There were a total of 23 of us out there. The first couple that went in for an abortion had a Jesus fish on their car. I was told that it's not uncommon to see couples walking in with their "Purpose Driven Life" books and even their Bibles in hand!

A group of us went and prayed in the back alley way behind the clinic, where the doctors and nurses park. We tried talking to them as they went to work, some ignored, and some gave poor excuses like "I'm just the secretary." It's obvious their hearts are hardened.

One parent came to save her grandchild from being murdered. Apparently her daughter has been brought to this abortion clinic three times by her boy friend and her boy friends mother but each time has been stopped. A new law passed saying that a girl her age must have her parents consent, but the abortion clinic ignores this new law. The cops showed up and the girl, her boyfriend, and her boy friends mother was sitting around waiting to see if they could go in or not. I walked up to the girl, her boyfriend, and the boy's mother to talk. As soon as I did the girl walked away. The mother asked me to leave and I said "it's a public sidewalk" so she sat there and listened. I said to the kid "What are you doing man? Why did you bring your girl friend here to kill your child? You need to be a man and get a job to support your family." He said "I'm only 14 years old!" I responded with "You're old enough to have sex and get a girl pregnant, you're old enough to be a man." I did get to talk with the girl later and said "You need to be Mother, not a murderer." Was I too pointy? With issues like this, we can't be pointy enough. Unfortunately they were allowed in to the clinic to have an abortion on a technicality, even though the girl's mother was outside weeping bitter tears for her grandchild.

I asked one of the cops what he thought about all of this. He said "Though I may agree that abortion is not a good thing, I'm just doing my job." I asked him what he would do if he was back in Germany during the holocaust as a Nazi Soldier. When these Soldiers were asked why they did what they did they would respond with "I simply did what I was told." I asked the cop "would that have been you?" and he said "Yes." He went on to say the he doesn't believe any man should tell a women what she should do in a situation like this since men do not "have" babies. Since he thought this was a "women's issue" I asked him if he's considered all the "male" babies that are being aborted to which he had no response. Since he said he was a "religious man" and that he doesn't think abortion is a "good" thing, I asked him if I'd ever see him out here on his personal time. He said this is just apart of life and that he's seen worse things then this. I asked him "what is worse then the brutal slaughter of an innocent baby?"

I was able to do some open-air in front of the abortion clinic from the sidewalk. "The only windows to this building are hidden, why? Because what is going on inside is a shameful thing. But every deed done in darkness will be brought to light. God sees it, He sees all the murders taking place here today!" as I saw through a hidden window those in the waiting room starting to squirm in their seats. "I know you think these people care for you but they don't. They are destroying and dividing families so they can have a bigger pay check. God cares for you and wants you to have a family. This child could grow up and be the next Mother Teresa but you won't give it the chance. You will regret this for the rest of your life! Even when your 80 years old you will still be feeling the pain and remorse of your actions of this one day. Don't do it. God will supply all of your needs to have this child." The abortion clinic seemed to be like a Venus fly trap, once it had the people it wouldn't let them go.

Krista and I took some large abortion/life signs to the busy intersection to attempt to awake the sleeping, hardened public. We received uncounted bad looks, multiple middle fingers, and Krista was even hit with a V8 bottle that was thrown at her by some guy. She asked me "Why do people look down upon those who try to stand up?" I wondered why people were so grossed out by a picture of what they call a "non-living fetus". I know why, it's because we were pricking their consciences. Praise God!

In the 3 hours that this murder mill was open, 3 babies were saved and an estimated 15 were murdered. This was only one of six abortion clinics in Dallas. There is only one team that reaches out to these clinics in Dallas, and they can only cover one of six clinics. But I wonder how many churches there are in Dallas? I always feared that once abortion is illegal, and it becomes a dark spot in Americans history, my grandchild will ask me "what did you do during that time" just as grandchildren asked their grandparents who were in Germany what they did during the time of Hitler

Homeless Shelter:

After the clinic outreach we went and served food at a near by homeless shelter. After serving some of us went and talked to the people sitting at the tables. We were told "No other group that volunteers has ever socialized with the homeless people like you guys have." Most groups they told us will serve the food and not talk to anyone. I actually didn't talk to anyone. I took advantage of time to get into the Word because it looked like the only time I'd be able to spiritually prepare for Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum:

This was a wonderful, great night. We had people out witnessing for their first time ever, some open air preaching for the first time ever, some facing and overcoming their fears for the first time ever! Out of all the times I had been to Deep Ellum, this was by far the best yet. We had large engaging crowds, reactions both positive and negative, fruitful labors, and we had new laborers.

We decided that rather then all splitting up the group we would set up "station" on one block. We had four corners which marked the territory we wanted to saturate with the Word. I looked around and saw some talking one on one, some giving out tracts, some preaching open-air, everywhere I looked in that area the gospel was being presented to the multitudes that had come out to enjoy the pleasure of sin.

Outside of a club we preached to the line waiting to get in. I started with "What we have right here is what many highly influential American leaders have been trying to hide from your eyes; The Ten Commandments" as I pointed to our display. "And the book that we hold here in our hands is the only book, the only book that has been outlawed in our places of 'education' as I raised my bible in the air. "Why are these things such a threat to our society? Because it reveals to us our sin." People would shout out of the line different comments and questions. A whole bunch of us took turn preaching so the open-air went on for a good amount of time. We also had multiple open-airs going on within this one block at a time.

To another crowd I started with "I've come to give all of you a warning. That warning is that you have a stalker that has been following you since your birth. And the day that he catches up to you will be the day that you die. Your stalkers name is death and he's following you around, waiting until the day he can have you..." I then continued on with "sin, righteousness, and judgment to come", with pauses so the crowd could respond.

During this outreach we got water poured on us, cigarettes flicked at us, were physically pushed, poked with a vendors cooking fork, threatened to be punched and even shot! At one point we had a mob on our hands, but it soon died out. Once our crowds would get large like 20 or 30 or more people the cops would come and flash their lights at people to move. But outside of the clubs the cops left us alone and we were able to preach to the lines.

One man admitted that it was wrong for him to be out there so he turned around and went home! Two other men said that they've been searching for the truth their whole lives, but never actually looked to the bible! They were thrilled to start studying the Word to find out the truth! Multitudes of others had a seed planted when they heard the true message of repentance and faith.

Sunday Service with John Reyes

We went to Rev John Reyes Church to hear a message he had prepared on the topic of "The Fourth of July". I prayed before the message that it would be a powerful, moving message. After talking much with Rev John and listening to him, I knew he was well rooted in the Word and was far from being a "soft boy sissy" preacher. His message was the most powerful message I had ever heard in person. Others with me agreed. As Rev John preached from his pulpit, bitter tears poured from his eyes as burning fire poured out from his lips! The heart of God shined through him! He spoke on the Christian American Fathers and how this once was a Christian Nation, but now that it has conveniently forgotten its covenant with God and therefore it's reaping the fruit of its wickedness. "The stone which the builders have rejected has become the chief cornerstone" (Matt 21:42) can be said of this nation. With agony he shared how we are experiencing the wrath of God for our disobedience, while we once enjoyed the blessing of God. The message was simple, it's time for America to ".repent..or else..." (Rev. 2:5)

The entire weekend was more then I could have ever expected or hoped for. Hundreds heard the gospel, lives were touched, seeds were planted, and we ourselves have been changed by doing the will of the Lord.

For the Audience of One,

Jesse Morrell - Taking the Gospel where it belongs