Arlene Peck


I just had a birthday, looked in the mirror, and asked myself. “How did it happen?” When did the person in the mirror begin to look like my mother? One day, I am a teen-queen bopping along and then, suddenly, the word ‘grandchildren’ is in my vocabulary. How does one wake up one day and realize their rear end dropped three inches over night? ‘

I suppose the same can be said for the ‘sudden’ way the Muslim community has been able to so drastically change the attitude and lifestyle of the civilized world. It was not so long ago that our newspapers and televisions were filled with the sexual encounters of Bill Clinton, questions about the sexual persuasion of Rickey Martin or the evils of smoking.

Now? We are assaulted almost every minute of every day with scenes, which at one time and not so long ago, were unheard of, even in our cinemas or science fiction books. Beheadings? War Lords? Smite us in a jihad (Holy War?) Had we watched that in a B-movie, it would have been dismissed as too ‘hokey’.

Ah, but that was before we watched our world leaders sitting in caves in their Armani suits and Bally shoes trying to negotiate with a Warlord wearing a dirty table cloth on his head. Remember? We, the public would just plan a trip, get in the car and drive to the airport. Who would have believed that we would have welcomed a suitcase and body search before getting on the plane for our destination? Life was innocent and easy. And, that dear readers, is where the problem begins.

The Israelis have been trying to tell the world that they were living in a lovely area but their neighbors left a lot to be desired. However, nobody wanted to hear it. For so long, until that blessed security fence which seems to be working at keeping the vermin out, the Jewish State would have her daily homicide bombings and our newspapers began to be filled with pictures of the carnage they caused.

The anti-Semites sat back and said, “Them Jews and A-rabs just can’t get along. Why are they always fighting?” Then, little by little, just like with my birthday, things began to change. We, and the rest of the civilized world, began to suffer the actions of the Muslim community, which, in our innocence, we had been conned into believing was ‘a peaceful religion’. Could it be that we were actually lied to? How could that be?

England gave them comfort and welfare and befriended them almost to the extent that the Brits are well on their way to losing their culture to these evil Islamic madmen. Holland, France, Belgium and a host of other countries which adopted open border policies are now wondering, “What the hell happened?”

Britain’s ‘Bobbies’ no longer just carry a nightstick as they have for generations but are touting submachine guns through London’s theatre district. It’s not by accident that Europe is in the process of being renamed “Eurabia”. The Muslim may be savage and primitive but his plan to incubate is alive and well!

We, in the United States, have seen our formerly cheap gas creep up to four dollars at the pump and the talk shows are a-changing. No longer do I hear about the “plight of the poor Palestinians”. I am hearing the callers saying, “When are we going to take out selected military-industrial targets in Iran?” “Syria is at the root of this, with the Saudis money” “It’s time to bomb Damascus! Mecca! Medina! And close our borders to any and all Arabs coming in!”

The newspapers might not be reflecting that attitude, but the radio airwaves and blogs are burning up with calls for our very own “jihad” against this 7th century culture. A culture which told us from the very beginning that the ultimate goal it has for everyone who isn’t “them” is ‘”conversion, subjugation or death.”

In fact, speaking of the Palestinians, we, in our naiveté, are even beginning to accept the fact that their new leader Abbas is just another version of Arafat, only this one comes in a suit. Some are even beginning to notice that neither Abbas nor any of the Muslim community have come out speaking in specifics saying their brothers are wrong!

Abbas has said repeatedly that he is not going to use force against the terrorists (if he would, he’d have to commit suicide). While, in the meantime, we sit idly by while his peaceful Palestinians stockpile large arms caches in the territories that will soon fall into their willing hands and rifle sights.

And, although our President, George Bush, gives a lot of lip service promising ‘democratic elections’ and a peaceful democracy alongside Israel, we are seeing the dismal results of the wonderful elections they’ve had and, continue to have in Iraq.

There is nothing our President could do, neither pressuring Israel, blackmailing Sharon into making deadly concessions or by paying them more billions in good behaviour money, or opening the jails to let more terrorists out, that will civilize this mentality. At this point, do any of you care if these cretins have happy democracies or if they learn to vote? When they do vote as they were taught in Iran, they vote in even more barbaric leaders.

The world seems to be preparing itself for a war with no seeming end, but actually, I do see an end to this chaos that the Muslim world has thrust upon the world with their holy Jihads. I kind of like the General George S. Patton approach of “Take no prisoners.” The 7th century mentality which we are having to contend with today needs more drastic measures. I wrote a column a few years ago entitled, “Hell, yes, we want oil!” and haven’t changed my thinking.

A good start would be to secure every oil field throughout the ‘evil empire’ loops… Were Bush’s friends, the Saudis included in that? After they repay us for the economic downfall they caused, they can be returned to the ‘democratic governments” and Islamic law (the two are obviously incompatible) they now enjoy through our help and supervision. Also, speaking of the Saudis, and a few others who are ripping us off on a daily basis, where is it written that they are the only game in town? Unfortunately, our bark is worse than our bite. We in the West are so whipped by politically correct ACLU-types that I’m not sure we have the stomach and endurance for what’s obviously ahead.

These radical Islamist vermin are fiercely committed to their War against the West; they actually “live for death.’ I firmly believe in giving them their wish. However, in the face of this, I’m not sure that America has the resolve for a prolonged fight. We have the weapons, but I’m not sure about the will.

The men of Israel ‘get it’ when facing this enemy. They’ve had decades to learn the deranged mentality that they have faced. When they are eighteen, they are actually men. Truly, there are men in the United States that at the age of thirty, I wouldn’t trust to cross the street by themselves. Doesn’t make them ‘bad people’ just terribly naive. The enemy counts on our naivety. They have learned how to use their host countries systems to gain ‘rights’ and ‘protection’ from racial profiling, while continuing their plotting against us.

Meanwhile, our President tells us that opening our borders to as many as 20 million illegal aliens, under the guise of ‘guest worker’ program, is actually a good thing.

Now, these same Muslim Arab Terrorists, who have been savaging Israel to the delight of the nations, are delivering Jihad to America, Europe and most all other countries who make up the UN (United Nations). Now, they might understand!

Almost thirty years ago, I had a discussion group at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary and I noticed then how many of the inmates were carrying the Koran and wearing the knitted caps when they came into my group. Today, more than 30 percent of the prison population are illegal aliens and many are wearing the same knitted hats and carrying the Koran. They are teaching their hate and radical thought within our prisons and, on release, they continue their education in the Mosques of New York and Detroit, among many other communities.

It’s obvious that, if these people couldn’t get in, many of the terrorists living within our borders would not be able to complete their teachings. Thank heavens, Israel didn’t listen to our Arabist State Dept, the EU or the powers that be who met to denounce Israel in The Hague and they continued to build the security fence. Because, folks I sure wish we had one here on our side.

Hell, I wish we had some sort, any sort, of border security which could be used as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. With all our talk against terrorists and getting the ‘evil doers’, we are doing nothing to keep them from surreptitiously flooding over the borders.

It sickens me when I think of how many are given residency permits or asylum because they come from a terrorist nation. I’m all for deporting all of them yesterday! ACLU or not, they’re illegal, and don’t belong in our tax system. We ought to look at the lessons of France, Britain, Belgium, and Holland. And, learn from our mistakes!