Curses and Anathemas by the Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic Church puts curses on people. Popes and bishops have tried to damn people to hell.

The 1914 edition of the “Catholic Encyclopedia” has an article called “Anathema.” It describes an anathema that the Fourth Council of Toledo (633 A.D.) said that any person who disagreed with a decision that the Council had made was to be “stricken” with an anathema that included being “damned at the coming of the Lord.”

Another anathema formula (which is described in the same article) declares that the anathematized person (or people) are “condemned to eternal fire with Satan and his angels.”

You can read these anathemas at the link below. If it doesn’t work for you, then do a search for “anathema + Catholic Encyclopedia”.

Pope Innocent III ruled from 1198 to 1216. He anathematized Markward of Anweiler. The statement of anathematization began with these words: “We excommunicate, anathematize, curse and damn him.” (This comes from Paul Johnson, “A History of Christianity,” page 199.)

The Council of Trent hurled 125 anathemas at anybody who disagreed with even one small point of the doctrines defined by it. You can read some of them at the link below.

When Pope John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council (1962), he made a Declaration of Faith. He said that he accepted everything declared by the Council of Trent. He specifically said that he anathematized everything that contradicted it. You can read his statement at the following link.

I have a video of the life of John Hus. He was a Catholic priest who believed the Bible and was burned for “heresy” in the 15th century. Before he was burned, his priestly garments were torn off of him, one piece at a time. With each piece that was torn off, a solemn curse was pronounced over him. Then a miter like a bishop's miter was put on his head. It was painted with hell fire and demons. Then he was burned at the stake. The Catholic Church did everything it could to try to consign Hus to hell.

The martyrdom of John Hus is described in detail at the following link.  Note that seven bishops were involved in a ritual to degrade him and curse him. At the end, they specifically tried to consign him to hell. They said, “We commit your soul to the devil.”

No other group — not even Satanists — tries to consign people to hell. Only the Catholic Church does that. And it is done at the highest level — popes, cardinals, and bishops. Some Satanists and voodoo practitioners try to persuade people to make pacts with the devil. If the people decide to make a pact with the devil, it is voluntary. It is their decision — not something forced on them by other people.

Only the Catholic Church tries to damn people to hell. Hus' case makes their intention obvious. So does the statement by Pope Innocent III about Markward of Anweiler. These were not “medicinal penalties.” These were attempts to damn people to hell.

Do people really want to be a member of a church that, for centuries, has tried to damn people to hell? A church whose leaders signed a document in 1962 saying that they were in agreement with the anathemas of the Council of Trent.

Mary Ann Collins

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