On October 26th, 1983, I was praying in the basement of our home in Pennsylvania. I was NOT praying about, nor even thinking about, ABORTION. But as I prayed, all of a sudden, I saw myself (in a vision sent from God) standing up and speaking in front of a body of men. The Lord then revealed to me that it was the House of Representatives that I was speaking in front of and then He spoke to me and said, ” What you see yourself doing, go and do – tomorrow.”

 I arose from prayer and picked up the telephone to call the Capital in Washington D.C. to enquire if Congress was in session or not; and if the public was allowed in or not. As I picked up the telephone the Spirit of God spoke again saying, “Do not call; obey me and go there tomorrow.” (If I had called I would have been told that it was impossible to get into Congress as soon as the next day – and would not have gone. But as events unfold you will see that God is totally Sovereign and can do anything He so desires at any point in time – no matter Man’s decorum and regulations.)

 Instead of calling Congress I was impressed of the LORD to call my friend George, and brother in the LORD, and ask him to go with me the next day. He agreed to go.

 We drove to Washington D.C. the next morning. We arrived and parked several blocks from the Capital Building. As we got out of the car, GOD spoke again saying to me, “Hurry, move fast, you must get there quickly.”

 I didn’t know why it was necessary, but I said to George, “George we have to run. Let’s go.” We literally ran down the streets toward the Capital Building.

 As we were approaching the Capitol Building I noticed the door open and a woman and a teenage young man coming out, and down, the long outdoor stairway.  Again I heard the voice of The Almighty say to me, “Stop and talk to that woman.”

 As they approached, and were about to walk past us, I said, “Excuse me ma’am, do you know if Congress is in session?”

 She answered: “Yes, they are; we just came from the House of Representatives.”

 I asked, “Is the public allowed in?”

 She responded, “Yes, BUT only if you have a pass from your Congressman. Do you have a pass from your Congressman? ”

 “No ma’am, we do not.”

 “Well”, she continued, “You have to write to your Congressman requesting a pass, before hand, and it usually takes about two weeks to receive it in the mail.” Then without even hesitating she turned to the young man who was with her and said, “Give them two passes: I knew we were holding those two extra passes for a reason.”

 The Young man reached into his suit coat pocket and took out, and handed to us, two passes to enter the House of Representatives. Then he and the woman quickly walked away. George and I stood there, dumbfounded, just looking at one another speechless.

We walked up the long stairway and entered the Capital bldg., handed our passes to a guard, and were then escorted to the balcony in the House of Representatives. As we were seated I leaned over to George and whispered, “Pray! I am not sure exactly what to say, or when to say it.” (The public cannot speak or disrupt; only watch and listen. But GOD had another order of decorum for this particular day.)

We sat there listening to the Congressmen speak on different subjects; and in our hearts crying out to God for direction. We waited and prayed for an hour and a half. Then I heard the voice of the Lord once again as He said, “Look around and behind you.” As I did I noticed, that all around the circular balcony, were men in suits seated in the end seat, of the very last row, all around the balcony. Then The LORD said, “They are the Police. You must say only what I tell you to say.

As soon as you say the very last word they will be upon you. You only have time to speak only what I give you – no more and no less. Treat the Police with great respect for they are only doing their job.”

Several LONG minutes passed until God placed in my heart the exact words I was to say. Then several LONG minutes again passed while waiting on God for the exact moment to act. All of a sudden the Congressman, at the podium speaking, stopped and reached for a glass of water. There was a long pause . . . and then the LORD spoke saying, “NOW ARISE.”

I immediately stood to my feet, opened my mouth, and was amazed myself at the TRUMPET VOICE I heard coming out of my mouth. My voice literally sounded like THUNDER as I exclaimed to a packed and shocked House, “GOD SAYS, ABORTION IS MURDER!!!– REPENT!!!!!! OR THE JUDGMENT OF ALMIGHTY GOD WILL COME UPON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!! ”

As I spoke these few words I saw and heard the police, in business suits, running full speed, from all directions, toward me. Just as the LORD had told me – as I spoke the very last word they were upon me and tackled me to the floor, slapping handcuffs on me, and then yanking me to my feet and pushing me out the door into the hallway and shoving me up against the wall. They began frisking me for weapons etc. One officer was kneeling at my feet frisking socks etc. when he looked up at me and asked in a shocked tone, “Whatever made you do such a thing?

“I looked him in the eye and said softly, “Officer, God sent me here, today, to warn our leaders that judgment is coming on America. This Nation has murdered TEN MILLION little babies.” (1983 statistics).

When I spoke those words it was as if the Police melted. God touched their hearts and they began to treat me with great respect. They escorted me to the Capital Police Station in the basement of the building.  They handcuffed me to a filing cabinet. In a few moments one of the officers took the handcuffs off and said, “Carl, I apologize for the handcuffs and the way we had to handle you. Would you like something to eat or drink?” Then he left and shortly returned saying, “Carl, I’m sorry but we have to turn you over to the Washington Police. They are sending a Paddy Wagon for you. BUT my Commanding Officer and myself are going to the Station ahead of you.

We will meet you there and be witnesses to your Character on your behalf. (This Officer’s name was Mark Sullivan).

As Mark waited with me for the Paddy Wagon to arrive, he said, “Carl, I studied the Roman Empire in College; America has become a lot like ancient Rome hasn’t it ? ”

God seemed to knit Mark’s and my heart together as we talked likes old friends together.

When I arrived at a precinct station of the Washington D.C. Police I was thrown in the TANK with a bunch of other criminals. There was also a man alone in a cell directly next to the tank where I and the other criminals were.

I decided that this would be a good time and place for a “REVIVAL SERVICE.”  I began to preach the Gospel. Upon completion, a monster of a man (about 7′ tall) knelt down and said, “I want to get saved.” The man in the cell next to ours reached his hand out through the bars toward me. I reached thru the bars and grasped his hand and he looked me in the eye and exclaimed, “Preacher, I want to get saved!”

After the Revival Service, Mark true to his word, came back to the tank and said, “Carl we are out here doing everything we can to get you out of here. But in spite of our efforts, they are charging you with DISRUPTION OF CONGRESS and it looks like the fine will be $100.00. Again, I’m sorry. We have done all we could.”

I did not have $100.00 on me. Meanwhile George had no idea where I was and after searching many D.C. Precinct Police Stations, he finally called my wife, Connie, back in Pennsylvania. George explained the situation to Connie, that he had searched high and low for me for several hours and could not find me. He said, “Connie, I’m getting gas in my car now, and then heading back to Pennsylvania. I don’t know what else to do.”

Connie said, “George, just check one more Police Station before giving up.”

George replied, “OK, Connie, I’ll check one more.”

Once again, using the phone book, George picked out a Precinct Station at random. When he arrived there he was met by Officer Mark Sullivan who said to George, “He’s here! Do you have money to pay his fine?”

George didn’t have the $100.00 either. Mark asked George, “Can you call anybody in Pennsylvania. to get the money?” Then Mark helped George to locate phone numbers to call in Pennsylvania. Finally they reached my brother-law who immediately wired the money. After 5 hours in the Clink, and a successful Revival Service, we were on our way home.

One of my most favorite songs ever written and sung is “OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD ”

Carl Giordano