On Sunday, January 5, 2003 at 8:00am I left our son’s home in Daphne, Alabama where we currently reside and drove the short distance to his shop in our Skylark to pick up our 1988 Dodge van to drive to Guadalajara, Mexico.

When I opened the van door the interior light did not go on and I immediately thought, “Dead battery.” I popped open the hood and found to my shock that the battery was gone, stolen. The rear passenger door does not always lock with the electric button and I had not checked it on Friday when I had left work.

A company tool box had also been stolen from the van, but my personal tool box was still in the van.

I pondered what to do and , “Use the Skylark battery,” entered my mind. It fit, the van started, and I was on my way. That night I arrived in Laredo, Texas at 11: 30 PM. I pulled into a twenty-four hour Walmart, dropped my seat back, and took a two hour nap. I woke refreshed at about 1:30 AM Monday and crossed the bridge over the Rio Grande into Mexico.

After several hours of driving in Mexico I purchased gas. When the gas was down to a 3/8s of a tank the motor began to lose power as I went up the mountains. The motor died several times and I found myself in continual prayer asking the Lord to get me safely to a village where I could get a mechanic to check the car. Each time the car stalled it eventually started again and I would make a few more miles before it would again die. I suspected a bad fuel pump.

I finally made it to a small village. The mechanic told me he was to busy to help me, but suddenly for some reason said he would check it. He found that the fuel filter under the car was clogged. He replaced it and the motor ran fine. I was on my way again and drove problem free for about sixty miles. As I approached the city of Guadalajara the problem again manifested itself. I stalled several times going up the sinuous mountain road that leads to the Guadalajara plateau. Finally the van stalled and I just managed to pull off of the road in one of the few areas available for scenic pull offs or problem pullovers. The gas gauge said 1/8 and since the car will usually run on empty for a while I felt that “out-of-gas” was not the problem. I thought that the gas I had purchased had clogged the filter and now had clogged the new replaced filter.

I was only several miles from the city of Guadalajara. A young man in a red Ford pick up pulled in behind me and asked if I was having a problem. I told him I was and he volunteered to push me to the city. We made it there, the tank was filled and I drove the rest of the way home with no problem. If the tank was empty, the line fouled with water which was cleared by the fresh gas, or if I was the recipient of a miracle, I can not say.

The car has run fine since then.

On arrival at our home in Guadalajara I picked up the phone to call June to let her know I had arrived safely. It was now about 8:30 PM Monday. I had left Alabama thirty-four hours earlier and had taken four hours of naps in that period. After a brief conversation with her I went right to bed. I pulled the drapes, pulled up the covers, and shut my eyes facing the middle of the bed away from the pulled drapes. A little bit of light filtered through the drapes from the street light outside the window.

I closed my eyes and as I quietly lay there I heard the footsteps of someone enter the bedroom and quietly pass the foot of the bed. I was slightly apprehensive as I wondered if it was our friend who looked after the house when we were absent or if it was an intruder. There was no response to my silently asked questioned, “Is that You Lord?”

I opened my eyes and the shadow of a head and shoulders appeared on the bed from the little bit of light that came through the drapes. I rolled over to face the intruder ……. and encountered emptiness. I can not say if I was visited by the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit.

I was filled with awe as I realized that one of them had come to, so to speak, “tuck me in.” I was reminded that They had been with me through all the problems of the last day and a half. The truth of the promise, “I will never ever leave you,” overwhelmed me.

The Psalmist wrote,

“Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me, for my soul trusteth in Thee. Yea, in the SHADOW of Thy wings will I make my refuge until these calamities pass by.” ( Psalms 57:1) and

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the SHADOW of the Almighty.” ( Ps 91:1 )

As the Israelites had traveled in the SHADOW of the cloud during the forty years in the wilderness I was reminded that I had been under the SHADOW of His wings during my trip, from start to finish, to Guadalajara.

God is not a respecter of persons. Whatever problems you are going through right now He is with you. Although calamities may come God keeps His promise and will walk through them with you. Even though we may not always be aware that we as believers are in His shadow, we non the less are. When you are bone weary, He is there to tuck you in and remind you of His love.

Harvey and June Schneider,

Servant Soldier Ministries,

Daphne, Alabama