I had a dream early Saturday morning (October 16, 1999) I would like to share with you. Sometimes I have dreams that aren’t really dreams. I don’t know what else to call them. As they happen while I am asleep in the natural I call them dreams.

I was with a small group of people in a desert like area (reminded me of the area around Tijuana, Mexico) and we were trying to dig and plant a garden. The soil was very dry and hard. While we were busy working away I heard singing. It was beautiful singing. I stopped to look around and see if anyone else could hear it. No one could. I went back to digging but this beautiful sound was getting stronger and louder. I kept looking up to see where it was coming from.

Finally, as I gazed over the telephone/hydro lines I could see way up in the sky a pinpoint of very bright light. For some reason I also understood that this is where the singing was coming from. As I stared at it the singing became clearer and louder to the point where I heard the words of the song. It was like the Halleluiah Chorus only more magnificent.

Then, in this bright light suddenly the Lord appeared. He was dressed in a white robe with a red sash. The robe and sash were flaring in the wind in an upward direction that gave the very distinct impression that He was in a descending stance. At this point He was just suspended in the air and did not come all the way down.

When I saw this is whispered to myself “It IS true! He IS coming back!” At the same time I seemed to know that He was looking at me and telling me to go and tell everyone that He is returning VERY soon and we must get ready. I began to run around to try and gather as many people as I could but much to my surprise not a lot of people wanted to know.

As I was doing this, and in the interim, I had heard that He had come back and was doing miracles and a large group of people were following Him. From all accounts it was just like when He was here before. I finally caught up to him as he was walking away from me and discovered that someone had told him about me. As I approached him from the rear he turned and walked straight up to me. I was looking at him thinking to myself “This doesn’t look like Jesus and it sure doesn’t sound like Jesus but everyone says it’s him, I must be wrong.” He asked me what I wanted. I was still very confused by what I was seeing but went ahead with my request. He was kind of arrogant and flippant in his response to me as he said “Weeelllllll…………okay,.” and with that turned and walked away with his entourage following.

Instantly, I knew this was NOT the Lord. It didn’t look like him. It didn’t sound like him but he was doing the miracles Jesus did. This man was the embodiment of deception and those that were following him had been deceived because of the miracles he performed.

When I woke up I began to realize the magnitude of what the Lord is saying here. It will be very easy to become deceived as we become weary of toiling in the hard, dry ground. The time of His coming is very close. Closer than we think but there is a great deception coming that will be supported by many miracles. We are not to follow the miracles but we are to get to know our Jesus Christ because when we know Him we won’t be deceived.

Seek His face and not His hand.