2007: The Year the Elijah Revolution Begins


Israel, Israel, Israel!!!

This is a most incredible year as it relates to Israel. This June, it will be the 40th anniversary of Israel retaking Jerusalem (the 1967 Six Day War). This is very significant for both Israel and the Body of Christ at large. Our destinies and challenges coincide and, until we really understand that, we will remain somewhat disoriented from our own destiny and calling. This relates to our destiny individually, as a Church, as a city, and especially as a nation. Israel, and particularly Jerusalem, is the “anvil” from which the Lord will judge all nations. 

All nations will either fit into God’s clearly stated Biblical plan of restoration and redemption of Israel, or begin to reap grave consequences. “Sheep nations” and “Goat nations” (Mt.25:32) will be determined by their proper alignment with God’s plan for Israel. NO other nation’s final destiny has been “signed, sealed, and delivered.” Every nation that has a powerful enough “Elijah Revolution” can step into its redemptive destiny. EVERY nation has a redemptive destiny that is available. The nations are “up for grabs” which is why He challenges us to ask of Him for the nations as an inheritance (Psalms 2:8). He didn’t mention ANY nation that was off limits.  Even just ONE electrified Elijah Revolutionary can be the spark to save a whole nation. Nations close to utter destruction can be saved and some, almost overnight, turned into a “Sheep” nation. Nations, seemingly in the right direction, can lose their light and become “Goat” nations if the children of God in that nation fall asleep. To say it again, Israel will be the Lord’s anvil around which He will shape a nation’s destiny. NO nation has a God-given destiny that does not strongly connect to God’s purposes in Israel.

It is our duty as the children of God to instruct the nations on this matter. Nine of our ten greatest natural disasters (as a nation) came at the precise moment we were doing harm to the nation of Israel by insisting on some level that they give up land. The most recent was the Katrina devastation that took place immediately after our political pressures (going back to Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations) forced Israel to give up the Gaza Strip in a so called “Land-for-Peace” initiative. As a result, the same percentage of Americans were forced from their homes as refugees were forcibly removed from their homes in Gaza. (In relation to this issue, I strongly recommend a newly released book by John McTernan called “As America Has Done to Israel” to get a more thorough picture of what I am briefly saying).

Every believer must eventually establish some compass point in their life from what is taking place in Israel or we will become spiritually disoriented and prone to erroneous direction. No true prophet will be able to accurately prophesy the destiny of nations apart from understanding the role of Israel and Jerusalem in these end times.

What does Israel’s 2007 look like?

Israel, as a nation, will finish her “40 years in the wilderness” this June and will enter into a “crossing over Jordan” dimension of her destiny.  Antichrist forces are rising up against her as not seen since Hitler’s days, BUT the Lord will prepare a table for her in the presence of her enemies. The Lord will use the upcoming intense days of Israel to continue to woo her to Himself. She, at this point, is neither righteous nor is the right man in leadership of the nation. Yet, it has never been more evident that “her redemption is drawing nigh.” A dramatic change of the spiritual climate is presently taking place in Israel and the level of hunger for their Messiah, Yeshua, has never been so strong.

I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be in leadership of Israel before this year is over and Israel actually needs him in place before June of this year. “Coincidentally,” Benjamin Netanyahu first joined the Israeli army 40 years ago in 1967. He is “anointed” to war and to understand what Israel must do at this time. Iran also can not go on without being dealt with much longer. The antichrist spirit that is on its leader must be defused soon before it attempts to engorge itself more. This is a matter primarily for prayer, but the prayer is so that an actual outcome can take place. Russia is dangerously flirting with the antichrist spirit in Iran.  China is also doing the same. These and, in fact, ALL nations are standing in the valley of Jehoshaphat related to which way they will go. Everything and anything is possible, but Russia is leaning in a very bad direction. May Russian intercessors rise up and bring change in their nation because Russia’s stronghold of “Nationalism” is setting it up to be open to antichrist forces.

What does the USA’s 2007 look like?

I will prophesy that an Elijah Revolution will begin this year in the USA and that it is a sure thing. I believe that “The Call” in Nashville on 7-7-07 is a very key piece of the puzzle in all that will explode upon the USA in this year. Prophetic words and decrees coming out of Charlotte are also a key piece of the puzzle. A proper spiritual aligning of Charlotte, Nashville, and Atlanta will expedite and intensify this Elijah revolution.  “As Atlanta goes, so will the South go.” I believe that, as she steps into her destiny, she will flourish and, within ten years, become the prime city of America and maybe the nations. Several prophets have come into Atlanta and have prophesied that the “revolution” starts in Atlanta that will touch the whole nation. Julius Oyet from Uganda has prophesied that it will be an “Elijah Revolution.”

Why has Atlanta been “chosen” as the initiation point of an Elijah Revolution? Because this is where “Jezebel’s” headquarters are east of the Mississippi. Atlanta has more abortions daily than there are daily deaths in Iraq. Atlanta is the Meth capital of the East coast (a “sex” drug that works hand in hand with Jezebel). Atlanta also has the most strip clubs of any city in the Western Hemisphere! It is the national capitol for Welsh Paganism and also the National Headquarters for Tibetan spiritism. The largest mosque in the southeast is in Atlanta’s midtown. It has a huge Hindu temple under construction and has one of the largest homosexual communities in America. Sexual scandals among clergy have dominated recent times and only the tip of the iceberg has been exposed. To top it off, Atlanta is home to the lifestyle magazine entitled “JEZEBEL.” This spirit is not even hiding anymore.

But, when Satan comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise a standard so that Atlanta will see an Elijah Revolution. Prophets and intercessors will be increasingly sent to this city to make it an Elijah hotbed. As they properly connect and integrate, it will touch all levels of society. The primary “gatekeeper” of Georgia has just done us a huge service and opened wide the gates of this state to the Lord. On January 8, as Governor Sonny Perdue was sworn in to his second term, he read Joshua 24:15, “…but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” This becomes a prophetic declaration over the state that we can latch on to and join in decreeing.

What Judgments or Trials are on the Horizon for the USA?

I believe many, many shakings are in store for our nation. Most can be good shakings if we respond correctly as a nation to Israel. If we EVER pressure Israel to give up Jerusalem, we will immediately leave Washington DC exposed to severe attack. ANY political pressure this year on Israel to continue “Land-for-Peace” quests will greatly endanger our national security. Cities with a significant “sin” problem will be the most endangered. Cities and states that voted “Blue” in the last election become first on the vulnerability scale. The three most important issues this year are first Israel, second abortion, and third homosexuality. All other issues, though important, are significantly lower on the “totem pole.” It is crucial that we get this. Virtually all of our significant natural disasters—accounting for billions of dollars—have a direct tie to these three issues. Things like “feeding the poor” are important, but we will not be able to handle “the poor” because they will exponentially increase if we continue to receive judgments because of misguided national policies on these three issues.

Morality, not only CAN be legislated, it MUST be legislated. That is the basic premise behind “law and order.” We already “legislate” that you can not murder, steal, use illegal drugs, smoke in many public places, skip your taxes, write bad checks, or even slander someone. The law is there to legislate morality. When you cease to legislate morality, you, by default, legislate immorality. Legislated immorality opens a nation up to judgment. 

The only reason we haven’t suffered much greater casualties from our legislated sins is because of the ministers of reconciliation (intercessors) in our nation that have continued to do their job. The only reason we haven’t had 30,000 (instead of 3000) deaths in Iraq is because of answered prayer. The only reason half of California is not in the sea is because of answered prayer. I saw a vision of an angel holding California in, at a southern fault line, near San Diego and, if he lets go, a major piece of California will fall into the sea.

We have angels that have saved us from perhaps millions of deaths since 9/11 and we are facing perhaps millions more deaths THIS YEAR if we do not have the assistance of angels. National protection angels are very numerous and active right now all across our nation, but some will get “called off” their protection posts if we make a mis-step with Israel this year.  Conversely, some of the most sophisticated and deadly attacks conspired against us will be exposed and stopped if we respond correctly to these issuesbut especially Israel. This should greatly stimulate our prayer life.

Watch the 40 Year Cycle of Events: Jerusalem 1967

The number 40 is the number of a cycle having been fulfilled. Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years and then they entered their Promised Land. Saul was King of Israel for 40 years and then David followed with a 40 year reign. Solomon then followed with a 40 year reign of his own. There are 40 year anniversaries that allow us to break old “bad leases” and start something new. If we “sleep” spiritually, we get a worse “lease” upon us.  We are in the 40 year cycle of radical shifts.

This year is the 40 year anniversary of Jerusalem finally and miraculously being restored back to Israel. From June 5-10, 1967, Israel fought what is called the Six Day War, not only winning another “against the odds” battle versus several much larger nations, but also managing to take significant additional territory, including Jerusalem. It was possibly the most significant world event of the last century. It confirmed Biblical prophecy that seemed all but impossible to be fulfilled. It confirmed the prophetic track we are now on and the magnitude of this event can not be overestimated. I believe it also communicates greatly for the Jewish people that some new very significant season is upon them. I believe it will be something akin to Israel leaving the wilderness and entering her Promised Land.

The last 40 years of Israel have been years of self-rule, yet not years of  Promised Land. There is a significant parallel to Israel’s days during Moses and Joshua that has taken place and is yet to take place. As we, the Church and Israel, function more and more in a “one new man” identity, this new season speaks volumes for us also. Just as natural Israel will enter some “crossing Jordan” dynamic, we too, as the Church, are entering this

“crossing Jordan” kairos moment. It is the “Great Shift” that many are prophesying about, and when it happens, we will never be the same again.  After that time, even the failures that may arise are failures IN the Promised Land and there is no returning to wilderness days.

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