“The Toronto Deception”

I’ve watched with great interest the phenomenon started at the Toronto Vineyard Church notable for the laughing, roaring like lions, barking like dogs, etc. Many wondered, could this be of the Lord? It didn’t appear to be by any known biblical standard. Finally, years after the fact, Paul Gowdy, former Toronto Vineyard pastor, confesses that it was not of God and caused great harm. This will be a fascinating read, particularly for those who were acquainted in some way with the “Toronto Blessing.”

Intimidating the West

This short article shows how the Muslims have taken offense at comments or criticisms since 1989 in ways that have caused rioting and loss of life. Most recently it was triggered by comments made by the Pope that caused murders of Christians by Muslims.

Hot for Martyrdom

Michael tells about Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a highly educated Egyptian doctor who had been a member of a terrorist group. He reveals what really is the motivation for the terorists and the nonsense that goes on in the west as it seeks to find fault within itself for the actions of the terrorist groups in Islam. This is an article that helps to understand what we are facing — an enemy that is not angry about American foreign policy, as we are so often told, nor because he comes from poverty, as most do not. Read and learn.

What it means to live by the Muhammad’s words and deeds

This article reviews Robert Spencer’s book, The Truth about Muhammad, Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion. Spencer reviews the history of Islam and Muhammad and debunks the notion that Islam is a “tolerant” religion. He shows that it is a violent religion intended to subjugate the world, particularly Jews and Christians. This is a good introduction to the book.

Rebellion in the Church

False doctrines have become mainstream. This book exposes the rebellion that has caused and will continue to cause untold millions to be condemned by God. From Apostolic times, Satan has succeeded in introducing false doctrines that…

Books by Mary Ann Collins

Mary Ann has written four books for separate purposes for separate audiences. As a former nun, she has an exceptional understanding of the issues in Catholicism that make that religious system a cult, NOT another Christian denomination. We highly recommend her writings. Click on the above title for information on how to read the books online or to obtain them.

Romans 7 Revisited

The famous passage, “For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate to do” is examined to see whether this was pre-Christ Saul or the Apostle Paul unable to live out the Christian life. The proofs when examined in context may surprise you.